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Heavenly Hair kit
Learn the science behind beautiful hair
Sale: $10.97
Was: $19.95

Perfume Science
20 science experiments and activities to create personal perfumes.
    Price: $59.95

    Knights Stamps, Patterns & Stencils childrens art kit from Djeco
    Illustrate knight stories with this easy, creative art set
    Sale: $22.07
    Was: $24.95

    Djubi - the new way to play catch
    A new, exciting way to play catch.
      Price: $25.95

      Farm Animals & Friends, a 9-piece set of figures from Papo
      Farm animal set includes horse and rider action figure, toy dog, toy cat and more.
      Sale: $17.97
      Was: $29.95

      Set of 9 Farm Yard Animals from Papo
      Set of nine animals for play or collections
      Sale: $14.97
      Was: $24.95

      Flight Pogo Stick
      Pogo stick will have your kids jumping to knew heights.
        Price: $69.95

        Hide & Seek Geocache geocaching for kids, geocache kits, geocache starter kit, geocache, outdoor toys, outdoor play
        Have an exciting family adventure with this outdoor play kit!
        see a video
          Price: $99.95

          Inhabit Design & Construction
          Giant flat building pieces for large-scale construction!
          see a video
            Price: $79.95

            John & Jill Zookeepers
            Set of two figures from Schleich
            Sale: $7.97
            Was: $9.95

            Jungle Gym Set
            Kids can climb and play outside!
            Price: $225.95

            Collage For Little Ones, set components
            Everything to create four fun collages in one set!
            Sale: $19.97
            Was: $24.95

            Purple Polka Hop
            Kids can bounce around on the Polka Hop!
              Price: $22.95

              Perfect for big groups or by yourself
              Ring toss game the whole family will love to play together.
                Price: $19.95

                A classic toy with a modern twist
                Wooden toy squirrel for toddlers to pull along.
                Sale: $15.97
                Was: $21.95

                Breyer Stablemates Polka Dot Parade set of 4 stablemates horses
                Start a fun collection with this set of 4 pretty toy horses.
                  Price: $12.95

                  Green Stripey Hop
                  Kids can ride-on and hop on this bouncing ball.
                    Price: $22.95

                    Sunny Farm  Wooden Animal Set from Le Toy Van
                    Charming set of wooden farm animal friends
                      Sale: $21.97
                      Was: $29.95

                      Super Skipper from Kidoozie
                      Kids skip and hop over the rotating poles.
                        Price: $36.95

                        cordless drill, a real drill for kids, from Red Toolbox
                        Real working drill just for kids. Add to the kids tools set.
                        Price: $44.95

                        Red Toolbox Candy Maze
                        Kit includes wood, 4 cans of paint + brushes, step-by-step directions
                        Sale: $12.97
                        Was: $19.95

                        Red Toolbox mini basketball kit
                        Kit includes wood, 4 cans of paint set, 2 brushes, step-by-step directions
                        Sale: $12.97
                        Was: $19.95

                        Archeology Pyramid Dig science kit for kids by thames & kosmos
                        Kids can get hands-on building a model pyramid.
                        Price: $24.95

                        Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala
                        Play outdoors with this chalk drawing kit.
                          Price: $25.95

                          Berg MOOV Starter Kit
                          Kids can build their very own ride-on toy.
                          Price: $259.95

                          Disc Master Disc Golf Set
                          Play a game of disc golf wherever you go.
                            Price: $102.95

                            Breyer Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn
                            Kids toy horses with barn and fencing. Lots of imaginative play will happen!
                            Sale: $12.97
                            Was: $14.95

                            Harvest Barn, from le toy van
                            Roof opens on this wooden barn
                            Sale: $39.97
                            Was: $49.95

                            Sno-Scultpture Kit
                            Make amazing Sno-creations with this sculpture set.
                              Price: $29.95

                              stacking dog, from sevi
                              Stacking, puzzle & building toy rolled into one!
                                Sale: $17.97
                                Was: $19.95

                                Babys Handprint in a Tin Kit, from Seedling
                                Preserve the sweetness of a wee handprint with this easy kit
                                Price: $29.95

                                Learning resources smart heart pulse monitor
                                Kids can learn about their heart with this heart monitor.
                                Sale: $16.97
                                Was: $24.95

                                Nathalies Oil Pastel Workshop childrens art sets, oil pastels for kids, kids arts & crafts, djeco art sets, art projects for kids,  creative arts & crafts for kids, imaginative toys,
                                Remarkable step-by-step that teaches oil pastel techniques--highly recommended!
                                Price: $32.95

                                Sand Masks Art Projects arts & crafts set for kids from Djeco
                                5 tribal masks drawn on sturdy cardboard for kids to paint with colored sand!
                                Price: $24.95

                                Blue Princess Sand Art Projects, arts & crafts set for girls from Djeco
                                Make beautiful pictures using colored sand
                                Sale: $17.19
                                Was: $19.95

                                Calico Critters Bathroom
                                Doll house bathroom set and more in the Calico Critters™ Master Bathroom.
                                see a video
                                Price: $26.95

                                Calico Rabbit Family
                                Miniature rabbit action figure family of four from Calico Critters™.
                                Price: $22.95

                                Farmyard Friends, exclusive 10-piece set of farm figurines from Papo
                                2 busy farmers & 8 animal friends
                                Sale: $24.97
                                Was: $39.95

                                Penguin Dominoes dominoes, kids dominoes, wooden toys, wood toys
                                100 wooden dominoes decorated with adorable penguins.
                                  Price: $44.95

                                  ride on zebra, from wonderworld, available at
                                  Features up and down galloping motion
                                  Sale: $79.97
                                  Was: $99.95

                                  Elvis Rising Sun Traditional Model horse
                                  Excellent reproduction of Elvis' favorite horse from Breyer®.
                                    Sale: $28.97
                                    Was: $44.95

                                    Horse Drawing Studio
                                    Jam-packed drawing set for beginning artists.
                                    Price: $24.95

                                    Design Your Own Superhero Cape
                                    Pick a super power and create a cape!
                                    Price: $39.95

                                    Create your own designer doll, childrens craft kit from Seedling. This kit contains everything needed to customize a soft doll: 11-inch cotton doll, embroidery thread, assorted fabrics, acrylic yarn, felt, sewing needles and directions.
                                    Hmmm, what should this doll look like?
                                    Sale: $35.99
                                    Was: $39.95

                                    Citiblocs Cool Colors Set
                                    Perfectly balanced and shaped wood blocks for building fun.
                                    see a video
                                    Price: $22.95

                                    Build in amazing ways with Citiblocs!
                                    Finely engineered blocks that allow kids to build in ways not possible with other blocks. Ages 3+, UPCB-99215-00225-7
                                    see a video
                                      Price: $19.95

                                      Schleich Meerkat Standing & Sitting
                                      Two realistic meerkat figures in standing and sitting poses.
                                      Price: $4.95

                                      Schleich Camel Mare & Foal
                                      Great for a collection or open-ended play
                                      Price: $4.95

                                      "Paradise ""Charlotte"" Western Rider"
                                      Western doll is ready to sadle up her horse.
                                      Sale: $10.47
                                      Was: $19.95

                                      100 piece set of citiblocs in hot colors
                                      Wood blocks engineered to balance perfectly so kids can build incredible structures.
                                      see a video
                                      Price: $24.95

                                      Safari Horses Complete Set
                                      10 piece horse and foal set. 5 mother horses and 5 baby horses create an instant horse collection.
                                      Sale: $19.97
                                      Was: $24.95

                                      Papo Jungle Collection
                                      Detailed set of jungle animals with an animal photographer included.
                                      Sale: $24.97
                                      Was: $31.95

                                      Jungle Medic Figure Set
                                      Exclusive collection of nine figures
                                      Sale: $39.97
                                      Was: $49.95

                                      22-inch velvety soft pink stuffed bunny
                                      A first toy for baby! Soft, stuffed bunny loves to cuddle.
                                      Sale: $39.97
                                      Was: $54.95

                                      Wildlife Reserve, exclusive set of Scheich African animals, truck, crates, tree and fencing.
                                      A detailed, imaginative play set.
                                      Sale: $99.97
                                      Was: $129.95

                                      ze super zeros, zaza the mouse, from geared for imagination
                                      Zaza's super power is ability to squeeze into tiny spaces
                                      see a video
                                      Sale: $16.97
                                      Was: $24.95

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                                      products 673-728 of 744

                                      I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                      by: Alisa S.

                                      Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                      by: Andrew A.

                                      It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                      by: Cheryl P.



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