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My Friendship Bracelet Maker Thread Refill
For the My Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit--includes new BFF clip
    Price: $9.95

    Pizza Mania math game from learning reources
    Kids play with pizza and learn math skills!
      Price: $24.95

      Spot It! Game by BlueOrange
      Speedy reactions and a sharp eye win this fun game
        Price: $12.95

        Marble Mania Extreme 3.0
        Build excitement with this electronic 330+ piece marble run.
        see a video
          Price: $48.95

          Creanimaux Farms Animal Building Blocks
          Block set lets kids create imaginary or real animals.
            Price: $39.95

            boikido Double Sided Dominoes
            The sweetest dominoes set ever made! 28 pieces.
              Sale: $20.97
              Was: $24.95

              Boikido wooden kitchenette
              The perfect kitchen for small play spaces!
                Price: $69.95

                Healthy Gourmet Salad for Green Eaters
                Unique pretend food is healthy for imaginations, too!
                see a video
                  Price: $24.95

                  Healthy Gourmet Pita Pocket Lunch
                  Realistic and creative play food set
                  see a video
                    Price: $14.95

                    Educo Rise N Shine Toaster Set
                    Comes with bread, butter & honey, too!
                    see a video
                      Price: $22.95

                      Piano Mat for kids
                      As seen on Fox & Friends! It's impossible for kids to sit still while they play this piano!
                        Price: $39.95

                        Heavenly Hair kit
                        Learn the science behind beautiful hair
                        Sale: $10.97
                        Was: $19.95

                        Tegu Explorer Set - Jungle
                        Premium, eco-friendly magnetic wooden blocks
                        see a video
                          Price: $109.95

                          Tegu Tints Explorer Set includes 40 magnetic wooden building blocks in 7 shapes
                          Vibrant, magnetic wood blocks for imaginative building
                          see a video
                            Price: $109.95

                            YBike Kicker Scooter
                            Scooter designed for preschoolers.
                              Price: $95.95

                              Automoblox C9P Pink  Sports Car
                              Saucy Sports Car is a limited edition Automoblox® car.
                              see a video
                                Sale: $35.97
                                Was: $39.95

                                Automoblox C9R Red/Black Sports Car
                                Sleek wooden car comes apart; pieces can be mixed with other Automoblox!
                                see a video
                                  Sale: $40.97
                                  Was: $44.95

                                  Curious Chef cooking making kit
                                  Real cookie-baking tools for sweet fun.
                                    Price: $24.95

                                    Paddywhack lane Courtney%27s tea party play set,  from
                                    21-piece play set for fun in miniature
                                    see a video
                                    Sale: $16.97
                                    Was: $23.95

                                    Anthony%27s Treasure Hunt paddywhack lane toys, paddywack lane playsets, pattywhack lane toys, costume kits, imagine toys
                                    Set includes little pirate, kitty, row boat and more!
                                    see a video
                                    Sale: $17.97
                                    Was: $23.95

                                    Inching Along Measurement Game
                                    Enchantingly illustrated game brings math concepts to real life
                                    Sale: $13.97
                                    Was: $19.95

                                    small world toys cozy crib, pink and white wooden doll cradle
                                    Classic wooden doll cradle
                                    Sale: $19.97
                                    Was: $39.95

                                    Small world Toys Max shovel
                                    Ready for work! Toy truck that not only rolls but digs too!
                                    Sale: $16.97
                                    Was: $29.95

                                    OgoDisk Mezo
                                    Active play toy to toss, bounce or roll. Try using it as a snowball shield.
                                      Price: $28.95

                                      ze super zeros, zaza the mouse, from geared for imagination
                                      Zaza's super power is ability to squeeze into tiny spaces
                                      see a video
                                      Sale: $16.97
                                      Was: $24.95

                                      Topozoo™ Monsters topozoo building sets, construction sets, monsters, wood toys, wood building sets; toys made in the US; US-made toys, american-made toys
                                      Innovative creature-building set!
                                      see a video
                                      Sale: $14.97
                                      Was: $29.95

                                      woodours papa and baby bear playset
                                      Teddy bears with a modern twist. Play set includes Papa and Baby Bear.
                                      see a video
                                      Sale: $39.97
                                      Was: $49.95

                                      ride on recycling truck from wonderworld, available at
                                      Toy truck ride on for toddlers. Toddlers will love riding on this wood recycling truck.
                                      Sale: $79.97
                                      Was: $119.95

                                      Rainbow Rollers - wonderworld toys
                                      Colorful wheels race and tumble along!
                                      Sale: $22.97
                                      Was: $28.95

                                      Flower Stacker wonderworld toys, smart gear toys, building toys, flower stacker, construction toys, cute toys, creative toys, imagine toys
                                      Unique wood blocks connect with pegs.
                                      Sale: $18.97
                                      Was: $27.95

                                      The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game by Educational Insights
                                      Award-winning matching game for preschoolers.
                                        Price: $21.95

                                        Citiblocs Cool Colors Set
                                        Perfectly balanced and shaped wood blocks for building fun.
                                        see a video
                                          Price: $22.95

                                          General of Deception Set
                                          Demon of Darkness, horse and fire-breathing dragon in one exclusive set
                                          Sale: $9.97
                                          Was: $19.95

                                          Adventure Figure Set
                                          Instant safari collection
                                          Sale: $10.97
                                          Was: $19.95

                                          Prince and Princess set
                                          A prince & princess to inspire make-believe play
                                          Sale: $5.07
                                          Was: $9.95

                                          Papo Red Pirate action figure for kids holds a sword and weapon
                                          A swashbuckler ready for action!
                                          Sale: $7.97
                                          Was: $9.95

                                          Modern Architecture Color Profusion
                                          vibrant abstract blocks inspired by modern architecture will inspire your little builder
                                          Sale: $68.97
                                          Was: $99.95

                                          Presidents & United States Capitol
                                          Heirloom-quality wooden block set
                                          Price: $180.95

                                          Exclusive Schleich Summer Green Tree House with fairies & elves
                                          Magical tree house includes elves, fairies, horses and kids book from Schleich®.
                                          Sale: $69.97
                                          Was: $99.95

                                          Wildlife Reserve, exclusive set of Scheich African animals, truck, crates, tree and fencing.
                                          A detailed, imaginative play set.
                                          Sale: $99.97
                                          Was: $129.95

                                          My First Purse
                                          Little girls can have a play purse that's just like Mom's.
                                            Price: $24.95

                                            Mighty World River Adventure
                                            A detailed play set even include an alligator!
                                            Sale: $35.97
                                            Was: $59.95

                                            Lil%27 Shopper Play Set
                                            Play pretend grocery store with the lil' shopper play set
                                            Price: $25.95

                                            Fairytale Figure Collection, set of 7 Papo  fantasy figures
                                            Exclusive collection of 7 Papo fantasy figures
                                            Sale: $24.97
                                            Was: $39.95

                                            Harvest Barn, from le toy van
                                            Roof opens on this wooden barn
                                            Sale: $39.97
                                            Was: $45.95

                                            Farm Animals & Friends, a 9-piece set of figures from Papo
                                            Farm animal set includes horse and rider action figure, toy dog, toy cat and more.
                                            Sale: $17.97
                                            Was: $29.95

                                            farm animal toys
                                            Set of nine animals for play or collections
                                            Sale: $14.97
                                            Was: $24.95

                                            Tarantula Tower from Le Toy Van
                                            A wooden tower with a dungeon on wheels for captured action figures.
                                            Sale: $42.97
                                            Was: $49.95

                                            Jungle Medic Figure Set
                                            Exclusive collection of nine figures
                                            Sale: $39.97
                                            Was: $49.95

                                            Symphonic Grand Piano
                                            Electronic piano for performing, recording and playing back!
                                            Price: $54.95

                                            Let%27s Get Cookin Deluxe Cooking Set from Alex Toys
                                            12 piece set with red & white checked mitt
                                              Price: $39.95

                                              My Giant Floor Puzzle
                                              Baby toy that is fun as they grow into toddlers. A puzzle and play mat for babies and toddlers.
                                              Sale: $19.97
                                              Was: $24.95

                                              Play and Learn Three-Layer Activity Kit
                                              preschool activities, matching games, puzzles, more for fun learning by Alex® Toys!
                                              Sale: $16.97
                                              Was: $27.95

                                              22-inch velvety soft pink stuffed bunny
                                              A first toy for baby! Soft, stuffed bunny loves to cuddle.
                                              Sale: $39.97
                                              Was: $54.95

                                              Fantasy Fortress - Dark Prince & Horse
                                              Figure can detach from horse.
                                              Sale: $7.97
                                              Was: $9.95

                                              Career Pals
                                              4 mini dolls with different careers
                                              Sale: $15.97
                                              Was: $34.95

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                                              products 393-448 of 462

                                              I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                              by: Alisa S.

                                              Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                              by: Andrew A.

                                              It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                              by: Cheryl P.



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