Glam Girl? 6 Fashion and Glam Toys She’s Sure to Love

It’s not uncommon for little girls to be impressed and intrigued by the world of fashion and glam. To be sure, many little girls witness their mothers and daughters getting ready in the morning, putting on stylish clothes, jewelry, and makeup to help them prepare for the day. And, as such, these same girls often try to emulate these ladies in their lives, but creating their very own wardrobes and makeup styles with whatever they can find.

Of course, you may not want to provide your daughter with designer clothes and fancy jewelry until she’s older; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still let her enjoy the wonderful world of fashion during her younger years. In fact, with these six great fashion toys for girls, you can allow her to bring out the true fashionista within while helping her create some excellent accessories and styles that she is sure to love.

Glam Girl? 6 Fashion and Glam Toys She’s Sure to Love

Craft Your Very Own Charms

Charm bracelets are some of the most popular accessories for girls and women of all ages. And for good reason – these delightful and versatile bracelets allow for the wearer to show off charms in all shapes and sizes, and made of various different materials as well.

And if your daughter loves to wear charms around her arm, she may love the Clay Charms toy for girls. This cute glam toy for girls will allow your daughter to mold, bake, and glaze charms of all kinds out of clay. She can craft charms in the shapes of animals, foods, or anything else that comes out of her imagination.

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Create a Groovy Messenger Bag

For most kids, the winter means a much-needed relief from the stress of the classroom. And this year, when school starts up for the second semester, you can send your little girl back in style by letting her design her very own bag. With the Color a Groovy Messenger Bag, your daughter can color the fun printed design that comes on both sides, and create a wild and wacky set of hues that her classroom friends will love.

Bangles & Bracelets fashion toy

Make Bracelets for Everyone

Does your little girl want to head back to school in the coming year with gifts for all of her closest friends? Or do you need a great activity to try for the next sleepover at your house? If so, make sure to pick up the Bangles & Bracelets kids toy today. This great fashion toy for girls allows kids to make 15 fabulous bangles or bracelets to wear wherever they go.

Hunny Buns Hair Kit

Try a New Hairdo

Many little girls use their hairstyle as a direct expression of their style and creativity. And this year, you can give your daughter more tools to use to design her own hair with the Hunny Buns Hair Kit. This awesome glam toy for girls comes with everything she needs to style and decorate a glamorous hairdo, ranging from a bun doughnut, chain links, cord, flowers, floral mesh, fringe, hair pins and ties, iridescent beads, jump rings, lace, and even stud beads. She can try a new hairdo each day, if she pleases, by using this great fashion toy for little girls.

Fashion Tracing Table Toy

Design a New Fashion Line

Does your little girl dream of one day designing her own fashion line that can be paraded down a catwalk, or even featured in stores nationwide? This year, you can help her take the first step of pursuing this vision with the Fashion Tracing Table toy for little girls. This fun fashion toy includes a light table and a pattern sheet, two sheets filled with stickers, five sheets of designs and 10 sketch pages for her to use while creating her very own new line of fashion. She can use this toy to combine clothing, hairstyles and different accessories until they find the right combination that they love. Your little girl’s imagination and creativity will run wild with this fun fashion toy for kids.

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Build a Bead Business

This year, you give your little girl a lesson in business and marketing, as well as help her develop beautiful new fashion accessories with the It’s My Biz Bead Shop toy for girls. This fun fashion toy for kids includes virtually everything needed to create stylish beaded jewelry. In addition, it also comes with the tools necessary to run a successful business, including order forms, product spec sheets, ledger sheets, business cards, and more. Help her take steps to become a fashion CEO this year with a delightful bead-making kit for girls.

Six Fashion Toys She is Sure to Love

Has your little girl fallen in love with fashion and design? If so, now may be the perfect time to bring home these six great toys to help her explore her creativity and imagination through the world of glam.


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