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Kids love to learn through play. We want to help facilitate and foster a life long love of learning through fun games, educational toys and hands-on activities.

Helpful Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Active this Winter

by on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 12:37:00 PM

When we were young, we were forced to create our own fun; instead of relying on tablets or smartphones for entertainment, we were required to head outside and seek excitement all on our own. This, in turn, helped most of us in earlier generations stay fairly active throughout our youth. Now, children are able to rely on these devices and other pieces of technology for simple, passive entertainment that is always available. Of course, while technology can be great for learning activities, it...

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5 Aeronautical Toys for Your Little Aviator

by on Monday, January 18, 2016 11:57:00 AM

The wonder of flight is a truly incredible concept. The idea that with the correct amount of propulsion, as well as a body structure specifically designed in an aerodynamic manner, an aircraft can take off and soar through the air shows just how fascinating the scientific world truly is. And, of course, if the power of flight is miraculous to us as adults, it is certainly doubly so for children who may see birds and airplanes above and believe they are witnessing a miracle. To be sure, many...

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Looking for Indoor Fun with Arts and Crafts Activities?

by on Friday, January 15, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Although the winter may bring with it the snow and chillier temperatures, it still provides us with plenty of opportunities to take our children outside and have fun. To be sure, while winter picnics may not be possible, we can still head out the front door with our kids and build snowmen and snow forts, go skiing, and even go skating on frozen lakes in the wilderness. However, there are certainly days throughout the winter when the snow is falling too hard, or when it is simply too cold to...

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Being Grateful this Year – Creating a Family Gratitude Jar

by on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 10:49:00 AM

The holiday season is a time that many of us reflect on all that we have in our lives, and feel grateful for so many things we hold dear. And, to be sure, many of us have much to inspire gratitude over the holiday season, including a loving family, wonderful children, and the opportunity to spread cheer to others through giving gifts, volunteering our time, and simply being kind and generous. Of course, while it is fairly easy to take note of our gratitude during the holidays, when we are asked...

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5 New Activity Ideas When You’re Snowed In

by on Monday, January 11, 2016 10:37:00 AM

Being snowed into the house may mean that you get the whole day to spend inside; however, in that case, it is likely that the kids are stuck at home as well, a situation in which many parents find themselves scrambling to find entertaining activities and games that will help the day pass by. To be sure, the relaxation of a snow day can quickly nosedive if the kids get bored with nothing to do. So this year, don’t let a heavy snowstorm arrive without preparing yourself with a few fun games and...

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6 Toys Kids Can Use to Pretend to Be Mommy or Daddy

by on Friday, January 08, 2016 7:00:00 AM

As they grow and develop, our children learn a significant amount by simply observing us act as parents. They see us go about our business each day, performing simple, menial tasks that to them may seem like monumental undertakings. To be sure, vacuuming the carpet or making a simple snack may come as second nature to us as adults; however, children view these as incredible feats. Of course, because they love us dearly, children often spend hours during playtime pretending to be adults,...

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4 Tips to Organize the Kids’ Playroom After Holidays

by on Wednesday, January 06, 2016 12:46:00 PM

The holiday season is an especially exciting time to be a child. To be sure, many little ones escape the holidays with a whole host of new toys in their playroom, from educational activities and technology toys, to arts and crafts supplies, and everything else in between. Of course, as parents, while it is a blessing to witness our children gleefully play with the toys we got them for the holidays, it can also be difficult to face the impending struggle over cleaning up the playroom in the...

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Family-Oriented New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

by on Monday, January 04, 2016 12:36:00 PM

The arrival of the new year is the perfect time to sit down with our children and discuss both the past and the present. The beginning of a new year allows us all to look back on the previous 12 months and discuss the memorable moments, and then look forward to the upcoming year with hopeful eyes and talk about what we hope to encounter before the end. And of course, the end of December (or the beginning of January) also provides the perfect time to create a set of new year’s resolutions that...

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What Are the Hottest Toys of the Year?

by on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 7:00:00 AM

It is fairly easy to spot a toy that your little ones truly love. While some toys may see a few hours of use at first, only to be relegated to the toy basket for the foreseeable future, some others become a staple of playtime fun, those your children simply cannot seem to live without. Of course, when bringing home a new toy for your little ones, it is difficult to say whether or not it will be a hit. How then, can you ensure that the toys you select will be popular with your little ones for...

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5 Family Fun Way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

by on Monday, December 28, 2015 11:37:00 AM

The beginning of the new year is one of the most exciting times for families. To be sure, it signals the start of endless possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead in the coming 12 months. It provides somewhat of a clean slate, and for many families it is an impetus to create a set of resolutions to follow to help live a happier and healthier life. Of course, the new year is also the perfect time to celebrate, with many families having small parties or performing other exciting activities...

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I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
by: Alisa S.

Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
by: Andrew A.

It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
by: Cheryl P.



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