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Does your child have a special hobby or interest? Browse our selection of toys and games based on the things your child likes to play and do.

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Creativity for Kids Fashion Bracelets craft set for girls
Craft set has enough materials to make 15 bangles
Price: $19.95

Elemental Blocks
Handcrafted blocks featuring the Periodic Table of Elements.
    Price: $33.95

    Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands craft set
    Make 10 custom headbands with this craft set.
      Price: $19.95

      Oscar the Pirate 40-piece oversize childrens puzzle from Djeco
      Captivating puzzle with extra options
      Sale: $19.97
      Was: $24.95

      Great Geysers science kit for kids, from Be Amazing
      Kids can make exciting geysers (outside!) with this fun science kit
      Sale: $19.97
      Was: $24.95

      A Starry Night Kit
      Kids can create their own masterpiece!
      see a video
        Price: $29.95

        Slackers Slackline Kit
        Build confidence and balance on this outdoor slackline.
          Price: $79.95

          Creanimaux Farms Animal Building Blocks
          Block set lets kids create imaginary or real animals.
            Price: $39.95

            Grom Pogo Stick pogo stick, kids pogo sticks, outdoor toys, kids toys, kids play, active toys
            Pogo stick that gets kids bouncing higher!
              Price: $59.95

              Hoopersize Fit-Kit
              Break-up the boredom with a hula hooping good time.
                Price: $30.95

                Night Zone Football
                Light up the sky with a lighted football.
                  Price: $15.95

                  OgoDisk Mezo
                  Active play toy to toss, bounce or roll. Try using it as a snowball shield.
                    Price: $35.95

                    Pogo Hops
                    Kids will have a hopping good time playing.
                      Price: $24.95

                      Spooner Board  28" Pro is available assorted colors
                      Play with this super-strong sports board indoors or out, on any surface!
                      see a video
                        Price: $54.95

                        Stablemates Little Red Stable
                        Play set also includes 2 Stablemates horses
                          Price: $26.95

                          Sumo Bumper Bopper
                          Bounce around fun with this inflatable toy.
                            Price: $24.95

                            Design Your Own 9-Piece Block Puzzle, craft kit for kids from Seedling
                            Create six custom puzzles!
                            Sale: $34.97
                            Was: $39.95

                            Kidzaw Masterkitz - Van Goghs Sunflowers art set for kids
                            Reusable art set where kids can paint sunflowers just like Vincent Van Gogh.
                            see a video
                            Price: $29.95

                            Kidzaw Masterkitz The Great Wave art set for kids: box & painting
                            Art kit teaches kids about the Great Wave masterpiece and make their own painting with reusable tools.
                            see a video
                            Price: $29.95

                            Kidzaw Masterkitz Henri Matisses The Red Studio, art set for kids with reusable tools
                            Art set that teach kids about Matisse and they can paint their own painting.
                            see a video
                            Price: $29.95

                            Water Lilies art set from Kidzaw
                            Art set teaches kids about Monet's masterpiece and let them try out his technique!
                            see a video
                              Price: $29.95

                              Innovative & uncomplicated to make unique friendship bracelets
                              see a video
                                Price: $34.95

                                Wilderness Telescope + Compass; Terra Kids telescope by HABA
                                Discover the world outside with a telescope and compass.
                                  Price: $34.95

                                  Creativity for Kids Pottery Studio for kids
                                  Pottery wheel designed for kids
                                  see a video
                                    Price: $59.95

                                    My Image Bracelet Maker
                                    Make custom bracelets with your favorite photos & images.
                                    see a video
                                      Price: $29.95

                                      Pkolino Tabletop Easel in cobalt
                                      Easel for kids art. Compact for use on the kitchen table.
                                      Sale: $55.97
                                      Was: $59.95

                                      Heavenly Hair kit
                                      Learn the science behind beautiful hair
                                      Sale: $10.97
                                      Was: $19.95

                                      Perfume Science
                                      20 science experiments and activities to create personal perfumes.
                                        Price: $59.95

                                        Knights Stamps, Patterns & Stencils childrens art kit from Djeco
                                        Illustrate knight stories with this easy, creative art set
                                        Sale: $22.07
                                        Was: $24.95

                                        Djubi - the new way to play catch
                                        A new, exciting way to play catch.
                                          Price: $25.95

                                          Farm Animals & Friends, a 9-piece set of figures from Papo
                                          Farm animal set includes horse and rider action figure, toy dog, toy cat and more.
                                          Sale: $17.97
                                          Was: $29.95

                                          Set of 9 Farm Yard Animals from Papo
                                          Set of nine animals for play or collections
                                          Sale: $14.97
                                          Was: $24.95

                                          Flight Pogo Stick
                                          Pogo stick will have your kids jumping to knew heights.
                                            Price: $69.95

                                            Go Out and Play! Backpack by KaBOOM! backpack, kids backpack, kaboom, kids play, fun for kids
                                            Go Out and Play with this awesome backpack!
                                              Price: $29.95

                                              Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack outdoor play, kids play, kids toys, kaboom, kids backpack, kids playground ball
                                              Backpack filled with all of the essentials needed to play outside.
                                                Price: $59.95

                                                Hide & Seek Geocache geocaching for kids, geocache kits, geocache starter kit, geocache, outdoor toys, outdoor play
                                                Have an exciting family adventure with this outdoor play kit!
                                                see a video
                                                  Price: $99.95

                                                  Inhabit Design & Construction
                                                  Giant flat building pieces for large-scale construction!
                                                  see a video
                                                    Price: $79.95

                                                    John & Jill Zookeepers
                                                    Set of two figures from Schleich
                                                    Sale: $7.97
                                                    Was: $9.95

                                                    Collage For Little Ones, set components
                                                    Everything to create four fun collages in one set!
                                                    Sale: $19.97
                                                    Was: $24.95

                                                    My First Vet Set
                                                    Future veterinarians can play make believe with this adorable vet set.
                                                      Price: $34.95

                                                      Purple Polka Hop
                                                      Kids can bounce around on the Polka Hop!
                                                        Price: $22.95

                                                        Perfect for big groups or by yourself
                                                        Ring toss game the whole family will love to play together.
                                                          Price: $19.95

                                                          Rockin Rody Horse ride on toys, kids toys to ride, inflatable toys, toy horse, ride on horse, kids toys, toys for kids
                                                          An inflatable ride on horse that's almost as adorable as your little one.
                                                          see a video
                                                            Price: $49.95

                                                            A classic toy with a modern twist
                                                            Wooden toy squirrel for toddlers to pull along.
                                                            Sale: $15.97
                                                            Was: $21.95

                                                            Breyer Stablemates Polka Dot Parade set of 4 stablemates horses
                                                            Start a fun collection with this set of 4 pretty toy horses.
                                                              Price: $12.95

                                                              Green Stripey Hop
                                                              Kids can ride-on and hop on this bouncing ball.
                                                                Price: $22.95

                                                                Sunny Farm  Wooden Animal Set from Le Toy Van
                                                                Charming set of wooden farm animal friends
                                                                  Sale: $21.97
                                                                  Was: $29.95

                                                                  Red Toolbox mini basketball kit
                                                                  Kit includes wood, 4 cans of paint set, 2 brushes, step-by-step directions
                                                                  Sale: $12.97
                                                                  Was: $19.95

                                                                  Archeology Pyramid Dig science kit for kids by thames & kosmos
                                                                  Kids can get hands-on building a model pyramid.
                                                                  Price: $24.95

                                                                  Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala
                                                                  Play outdoors with this chalk drawing kit.
                                                                    Price: $25.95

                                                                    Disc Master Disc Golf Set
                                                                    Play a game of disc golf wherever you go.
                                                                      Price: $102.95

                                                                      Breyer Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn
                                                                      Kids toy horses with barn and fencing. Lots of imaginative play will happen!
                                                                      Sale: $12.97
                                                                      Was: $14.95

                                                                      Go Out and Play! Backpack + Book kaboom book, kids backpack, kids activity book, kids play, kids activities
                                                                      Be inspired to play with this backpack and book of playful activities.
                                                                        Price: $39.95

                                                                        Go Out and Play! Book kids activity book, kaboom, kaboom book, outdoor games, games for kids, kids play
                                                                        Book with lots of ideas and activities to do with the kids.
                                                                          Price: $11.95

                                                                          Harvest Barn, from le toy van
                                                                          Roof opens on this wooden barn
                                                                          Sale: $39.97
                                                                          Was: $49.95

                                                                          Makedo Box Kits - Aeroplane
                                                                          Use your imagination to turn a box into an aeroplane!
                                                                            Price: $15.95

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                                                                            products 561-616 of 663

                                                                            I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                                                            by: Alisa S.

                                                                            Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                                                            by: Andrew A.

                                                                            It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                                                            by: Cheryl P.



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