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Microphone for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
Fun plug-in accessory for MEEP! with record function
see a video
    Sale: $10.87
    Was: $19.95

    Joystick for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
    Great MEEP! accessory for kids that play lots of games
    see a video
    Sale: $13.47
    Was: $24.95

    Drum Pad for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
    Turn your MEEP! Into a set of drums.
      Sale: $23.57
      Was: $39.95

      Big Top Circus Train with four wooden cars that connect with magnets
      Perfect if you want a toy train but don't need the track!
        Price: $12.95

        Tell Tale Fairy Tales storytelling game by Blue Orange Games
        Kids game with whimsically illustrated cards to tell stories!
        Sale: $10.97
        Was: $12.95

        SmartMax Blue Barrel 42-piece magnetic construction set
        A barrel full of 42 imaginative building pieces!
        see a video
          Price: $89.95

          SmartMax Basic Stunt magnetic construction set
          Preschoolers can build a toy car track with this magnetic building set.
          see a video
            Price: $79.95

            SmartMax Racers, magnetic construction set compatible with all Smartmax magnetic building sets
            Build simple race cars; use with other Smartmax sets!
            see a video
              Price: $14.95

              red yardboard, from spooner
              Daredevilish all-terrain sports board for sliding on snow, grass & dirt. Choose your color.
              see a video
                Price: $98.95

                SmartMax Power Vehicles construction set
                Easy-to-build construction vehicles set with 26 pieces
                see a video
                  Price: $39.95

                  Rockin Rody Inflatable Ride on Horse Toy
                  An inflatable ride on horse that's almost as adorable as your little one.
                  see a video
                    Price: $49.95

                    Pkolino Tabletop Easel in cobalt
                    Easel for kids art. Compact for use on the kitchen table.
                    Sale: $55.97
                    Was: $59.95

                    SmartMax Basic Building Set
                    Building set toddlers can build with and learn about magnets.
                      Price: $49.95

                      Red Moover baby truck is for ages 6 months to 5 years
                      Ride-on that grows with kids. Toy truck is fun to ride or push.
                        Price: $94.95

                        15-piece Patisserie set from Discoveroo; wooden tea cups and desserts in pink and pastels
                        15 piece set for lots of pretend play
                        Sale: $33.97
                        Was: $39.95

                        Chimalong musical instrument from Woodstock Percussion
                        Strike color-coded metal tubes to make lovely music!
                        see a video
                          Sale: $34.97
                          Was: $39.95

                          Tickety Tock Clock from Manhattan Toy
                          Cute kids clock with chalkboard.
                            Price: $29.95

                            Storymatic Kids helps kids write and tell stories
                            An easy way to jump start story telling and writing.
                              Price: $29.95

                              Great Geysers science kit for kids, from Be Amazing
                              Kids can make exciting geysers (outside!) with this fun science kit
                              Sale: $19.97
                              Was: $24.95

                              50 Un-Blocks, unique interlocking wooden blocks made in the USA, invented by a dad
                              Models built with these new wooden blocks stay connected!
                              Sale: $34.97
                              Was: $38.95

                              10 wooden cititrees to use with citiblocs construction sets
                              Add wood trees to any building set.
                              Sale: $20.97
                              Was: $24.95

                              500 Citiblocs with Bin, mixed colors & free storage bin
                              500 thin plank blocks in a rainbow of colors and natural wood. Free storage bin.
                              see a video
                                Price: $129.95

                                Set of 100 Neon Citiblocs packaged in plastic pail
                                Set of 100 skinny planks in neon & natural colors
                                see a video
                                Sale: $26.97
                                Was: $29.95

                                Set of 110 Un-Blocks, revolutionary new wood blocks for kids
                                Wooden blocks interlock to make solid structures
                                  Price: $70.95

                                  Counting Koi Blocks unique alphabet blocks, unique baby gifts, american made toys, eco friendly toys
                                  Clever school of fish teaches numbers
                                    Sale: $49.97
                                    Was: $50.95

                                    Blossom Glitter Tattoo set from Glimmer Body Art, safe for kids
                                    Sparkly fun for birthday parties or play dates
                                      Price: $19.95

                                      Princess Glitter Tattoo set from Glimmer Body Art, safe for kids
                                      Glitter tattoos are fun for any kids' party!
                                      Sale: $16.99
                                      Was: $19.95

                                      OgoDisk RAQ
                                      Contagiously fun way to throw & catch balls
                                      see a video
                                        Price: $34.95

                                        Chicago Skates 2 in 1 Training Skate set, pink
                                        Converts from roller skates to inline skates; includes helmet & pads
                                        Sale: $33.97
                                        Was: $49.95

                                        Little Ambulance Push Toy
                                        Little ambulance is wonderful addition to any toy car collection.
                                          Price: $19.95

                                          Unique paisley shaped thick and firm foam puzzle pieces with printed surfaces that stirs the imagination in new, abstract ways.
                                          Foam blocks to stir the imagination in creative ways.
                                          Sale: $28.99
                                          Was: $39.95

                                          city of dreams, a brightly colored rigid cardboard construction set from French company Mon Petit Art
                                          A dreamy, imaginative construction set
                                            Price: $29.95

                                            Take-A-Part Airplane
                                            A toy airplane for kids to take-a-part and rebuild, like a 3-D puzzle!
                                              Price: $27.95

                                              My First Vet Set
                                              Future veterinarians can play make believe with this adorable vet set.
                                                Price: $34.95

                                                Count Em Up Popcorn from Learning Resources
                                                19 piece play & learn set for preschoolers
                                                Sale: $14.97
                                                Was: $17.95

                                                Rockin in the USA Guitar, wooden toy guitar with USA flag design for children
                                                Durable finish will stand up to hard rockin'
                                                  Sale: $29.97
                                                  Was: $34.95

                                                  Pinklets Fairy Garden Superstructs construction set for girls, from WABA Fun
                                                  Design a place for fairies to play with this 108-piece building set
                                                    Price: $39.95

                                                    Piano for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
                                                    Silicone plug-in piano can be rolled up
                                                    see a video
                                                      Sale: $23.57
                                                      Was: $39.95

                                                      Eco car, a battery-operated ride-on car for preschoolers
                                                      Car for kids is battery-powered and travels up to 3mph. Charger included!
                                                      Sale: $135.97
                                                      Was: $249.95

                                                      Loopededoo Refill kit
                                                      18 skeins of colored embroidery thread
                                                        Price: $6.95

                                                        Red-haired Coquette doll from Corolle wears a beret, fur vest, denim shorts & tights
                                                        Sweet red-haired doll with freckles. Free accessory bag with purchase!
                                                        Sale: $45.97
                                                        Was: $79.95

                                                        Inhabit Design & Construction
                                                        Giant flat building pieces for large-scale construction!
                                                        see a video
                                                          Price: $79.95

                                                          Djeco Ruppert
                                                          Full of dashing derring-do, this collectible knight figure is ready for your child's imagination
                                                            Price: $9.95

                                                            Djambo & Big Boom kids toys, action figures, action figure, pirate toy, toy pirate
                                                            Unique pirate action figure comes with a cannon & cannon balls
                                                              Price: $17.95

                                                              Sunny Farm  Wooden Animal Set from Le Toy Van
                                                              Charming set of wooden farm animal friends
                                                              Sale: $21.97
                                                              Was: $29.95

                                                              Sunny Farm play set from Le Toy Van
                                                              A happy barn yard for lots of imaginative play.
                                                              Sale: $57.97
                                                              Was: $69.95

                                                              Duo Pop interactive game accessory for all generations of iPad
                                                              Bring your iPad to family game night, along with this interactive iPad game accessory!
                                                              see a video
                                                              Sale: $29.99
                                                              Was: $39.95

                                                              Squishy T-Rex, from Smart Lab, with removable squishy organs
                                                              A T. Rex model from head to guts
                                                              Price: $27.95

                                                              Archeology Pyramid Dig science kit for kids by thames & kosmos
                                                              Kids can get hands-on building a model pyramid.
                                                                Price: $24.95

                                                                DJ Rock Dock, a build-your-own speaker set kit from SmartLab
                                                                A DIY iPod dock is fun for kids and works with other music players
                                                                Sale: $12.97
                                                                Was: $19.95

                                                                Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover from Smart Lab
                                                                Brainiacs will learn to program Rover, a toy robot.
                                                                see a video
                                                                  Price: $69.95

                                                                  A Starry Night Kit
                                                                  Kids can create their own masterpiece!
                                                                  see a video
                                                                    Price: $29.95

                                                                    Water Lilies art set from Kidzaw
                                                                    Art set teaches kids about Monet's masterpiece and let them try out his technique!
                                                                    see a video
                                                                      Price: $29.95

                                                                      Innovative & uncomplicated to make unique friendship bracelets
                                                                        Price: $34.95

                                                                        Fast Lane Parking Garage
                                                                        Park your toy cars in a big parking garage with spiraling ramps.
                                                                          Price: $139.95

                                                                          Confetti Musical Set
                                                                          Set of four instruments safe for children as young as 18 months
                                                                          Sale: $27.97
                                                                          Was: $29.95

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                                                                          products 393-448 of 720

                                                                          I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                                                          by: Alisa S.

                                                                          Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                                                          by: Andrew A.

                                                                          It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                                                          by: Cheryl P.



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