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Collection of playful toys that make wonderful gifts for babies, toddlers and big kids. You are sure to find the perfect toy that for any occasion.

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Fish Bowl Fun Balance
Wooden learning toy helps toddlers discover balance
    Price: $19.95

    Baby toy with bold, fun colors to squishing and learn texture.
      Price: $19.95

      Little ones love the bright color shapes
      Classic shape sorter for babies and toddlers to learn shapes and colors.
        Price: $19.95

        Lottie Robot Girl
        Doll girls can use their imaginations with and invent new things.
          Price: $19.95

          Lottie Doll - Pirate Queen
          Ahoy! Lottie Doll is ready to take on the 7 seas.
            Price: $19.95

            Lottie - Pandora%27s Box
            Lottie Doll loves animals and is ready to help take care of them.
              Price: $19.95

              Lottie Lighthouse Keeper
              Lottie Doll is a great friend to go anywhere.
                Price: $19.95

                Little Builder Tool Belt
                Tool belt has all the tools needed for playtime.
                  Price: $16.95

                  Pots and Kitchen Utensils Play Set
                  Mix up something good in the play kitchen!
                    Price: $18.95

                    Chef%27s Choice Food Play Set
                    Wooden food play set for budding chefs
                      Price: $24.95

                      Q-Ba Maze 2.0 Bounce Stunt Set
                      Add bouncing stunts to your marble run.
                        Price: $16.95

                        Laser Pegs Combat Fighter
                        Building set has kids think it, build it, light it, and fly it!
                          Price: $29.95

                          Laser Pegs Race car
                          Laser Pegs building set builds a working land vehicle.
                            Price: $25.95

                            Squigz Starter Kit
                            Building set that connect together to make of squishy designs.
                              Price: $24.95

                              Miniz Shark Attax Bike Helmet helmet, helmets, kids helmet, kids helmets, cool helmets, bike helmet, bike helmets, bike riding, kids bike helmets
                              A shark bike helmet your toddler will actually want to wear.
                                Price: $23.95

                                Maisy Garden Puzzle; 20-piece wooden kids puzzle with Maisy Mouse and Talluleh chicken; made in USA
                                Grow skills with this fun Maisy puzzle
                                  Sale: $15.99
                                  Was: $19.95

                                  Maisy Mouse wooden puzzle with maisy and charley on a picnic; 20-piece kids puzzle made in USA; solid maple frame
                                  Build problem-solving skills with Maisy!
                                    Sale: $13.97
                                    Was: $19.95

                                    300-piece pastel Plus-Plus construction set for kids in pink, yellow, white, green, lavender
                                    300 plastic pieces interlock, making dimensional models or flat mosaics!
                                    see a video
                                      Price: $19.95

                                      My Image Bracelet Maker Refill
                                      For the My Image Bracelet Maker Kit
                                        Price: $13.95

                                        My Image Bracelet Maker
                                        Make custom bracelets with your favorite photos & images.
                                        see a video
                                          Price: $29.95

                                          Citiblocs Storage Bin
                                          Keep all of your blocks in one place with this storage bin.
                                            Price: $21.95

                                            Microphone for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
                                            Fun plug-in accessory for MEEP! with record function
                                            see a video
                                            Sale: $10.87
                                            Was: $19.95

                                            Joystick for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
                                            Great MEEP! accessory for kids that play lots of games
                                            see a video
                                            Sale: $13.47
                                            Was: $24.95

                                            Drum Pad for MEEP! Android 4.0 tablet for kids
                                            Turn your MEEP! Into a set of drums.
                                            Sale: $23.57
                                            Was: $39.95

                                            Big Top Circus Train with four wooden cars that connect with magnets
                                            Perfect if you want a toy train but don't need the track!
                                              Price: $12.95

                                              Tell Tale Fairy Tales storytelling game by Blue Orange Games
                                              Kids game with whimsically illustrated cards to tell stories!
                                              Sale: $10.97
                                              Was: $12.95

                                              SmartMax Racers, magnetic construction set compatible with all Smartmax magnetic building sets
                                              Build simple race cars; use with other Smartmax sets!
                                              see a video
                                                Price: $14.95

                                                10 wooden cititrees to use with citiblocs construction sets
                                                Add wood trees to any building set.
                                                Sale: $20.97
                                                Was: $24.95

                                                Blossom Glitter Tattoo set from Glimmer Body Art, safe for kids
                                                Sparkly fun for birthday parties or play dates
                                                  Price: $19.95

                                                  Princess Glitter Tattoo set from Glimmer Body Art, safe for kids
                                                  Glitter tattoos are fun for any kids' party!
                                                  Sale: $16.99
                                                  Was: $19.95

                                                  Little Ambulance Push Toy
                                                  Little ambulance is wonderful addition to any toy car collection.
                                                    Price: $19.95

                                                    city of dreams, a brightly colored rigid cardboard construction set from French company Mon Petit Art
                                                    A dreamy, imaginative construction set
                                                      Price: $29.95

                                                      Take-A-Part Airplane
                                                      A toy airplane for kids to take-a-part and rebuild, like a 3-D puzzle!
                                                        Price: $27.95

                                                        Count %27Em Up Popcorn from Learning Resources
                                                        19 piece play & learn set for preschoolers
                                                        Sale: $14.97
                                                        Was: $17.95

                                                        Djambo & Big Boom kids toys, action figures, action figure, pirate toy, toy pirate
                                                        Unique pirate action figure comes with a cannon & cannon balls
                                                          Price: $17.95

                                                          Sunny Farm  Wooden Animal Set from Le Toy Van
                                                          Charming set of wooden farm animal friends
                                                          Sale: $21.97
                                                          Was: $29.95

                                                          Archeology Pyramid Dig science kit for kids by thames & kosmos
                                                          Kids can get hands-on building a model pyramid.
                                                            Price: $24.95

                                                            DJ Rock Dock, a build-your-own speaker set kit from SmartLab
                                                            A DIY iPod dock is fun for kids and works with other music players
                                                            Sale: $12.97
                                                            Was: $19.95

                                                            Story Box Far West play set from Janod
                                                            Includes all the elements for a dramatic Wild West adventure!
                                                            Sale: $20.97
                                                            Was: $24.95

                                                            Story Box Farm wooden play set from Janod
                                                            Sweet play set with friendly wooden toy animals and farmers
                                                              Price: $24.95

                                                              Cyber Space Cycle
                                                              Speedy RC motorcycle can do tricky moves and won't tip over
                                                              Sale: $24.97
                                                              Was: $39.95

                                                              Cookie Set from Le Toy Van includes toy oven mitt and rolling pin
                                                              13-piece set for lots of make-believe baking.
                                                              Price: $29.95

                                                              Baldy & Big Paf,  Arty Toy collectible figure from Djeco
                                                              This special action figure comes with his own catapult & boulders
                                                                Price: $24.95

                                                                Breyer Stablemates Polka Dot Parade set of 4 stablemates horses
                                                                Start a fun collection with this set of 4 pretty toy horses.
                                                                  Price: $12.95

                                                                  Creativity for Kids Fashion Bracelets craft set for girls
                                                                  Craft set has enough materials to make 15 bangles
                                                                    Price: $19.95

                                                                    Fashion Headbands Fashion Headbands, Fashion Headband, jewelry crafts, girls crafts, crafts for kids, arts & crafts for kids, kids arts & crafts sets, creative crafts, head bands
                                                                    Make 10 custom headbands with this craft set.
                                                                      Price: $16.95

                                                                      Ants Go Marching Blocks, by uncle goose
                                                                      Ant trails create a fun block puzzle.
                                                                        Price: $22.95

                                                                        Upper & Lowercase Blocks, by uncle goose
                                                                        Uppercase letters are embossed; lowercase letters are printed on this beautiful set of modern alphabet blocks
                                                                          Price: $19.95

                                                                          Take your puppy for a walk!
                                                                          Wooden toy puppy is a great companion for toddlers.
                                                                          see a video
                                                                            Price: $24.95

                                                                            Oscar the Pirate 40-piece oversize children%27s puzzle from Djeco
                                                                            Captivating puzzle with extra options
                                                                            Sale: $19.97
                                                                            Was: $24.95

                                                                            Red Toolbox mini basketball kit
                                                                            Kit includes wood, 4 cans of paint set, 2 brushes, step-by-step directions
                                                                            Sale: $12.97
                                                                            Was: $19.95

                                                                            Knights Stamps, Patterns & Stencils children%27s art kit from Djeco
                                                                            Illustrate knight stories with this easy, creative art set
                                                                            Sale: $22.07
                                                                            Was: $24.95

                                                                            Blue Princess Sand Art Projects, arts & crafts set for girls from Djeco
                                                                            Make beautiful pictures using colored sand
                                                                            Sale: $17.19
                                                                            Was: $19.95

                                                                            Magnetic cutting fruit includes pear, apple, orange, knife and storage bag
                                                                            Pretend fruit play set is held together by magnets.
                                                                              Price: $24.95

                                                                              Pots & Pans from Plan Toys
                                                                              Toy pots and pans make a great addition to any play kitchen
                                                                                Price: $22.95

                                                                                Collage For Little Ones, set components
                                                                                Everything to create four fun collages in one set!
                                                                                Sale: $19.97
                                                                                Was: $24.95

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                                                                                products 113-168 of 245

                                                                                I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                                                                by: Alisa S.

                                                                                Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                                                                by: Andrew A.

                                                                                It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                                                                by: Cheryl P.



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