4 Activities That Combine Science

Throughout history, advances in technology have had incredible impacts on daily life for those across the world. These developments range from the creation of new types of vehicles that can help us reach places far and wide, to new inventions that allow us to communicate with friends and family members halfway across the globe.

And of course, while these technological advancements may signal huge changes in the way we live our lives, they truly started as nothing more than a brilliant idea and a creative mind filled with passion and drive. Countless fearless and creative individuals everywhere put their knowledge of science, technology, and engineering to work as they create new things.

Who knows – your child could be one of these inventors just a few years down the road. And if you want to put them on the right track, start off with these four fun science activities today.

1. Design a City

While your child may not have the resources to build their own city, they certainly have everything they could need to design one. Grab some paper and pencils for this fun activity. Begin by having your child draw a basic outline of a city; this may include roads, a few houses, and some buildings. Then, give other suggestions for what a city may need (for example, a city hall, a water treatment facility, and a power plant). Watch as your child creates a brand-new metropolis with nothing more than a few pencils and paper.

2. Build a Toothpick Bridge

No activity requires more patience and careful planning than a toothpick bridge. Using nothing but a package of toothpicks and some glue, you can help your child erect a bridge to stand on the kitchen table. You can build a bridge from an existing design you find online, or create an entirely new one only from your imagination.

3. Construct a Mini Parachute

This fun kids engineering activity will let your new creation soar gently down to the ground. Grab a sponge, a roll of string, and a handkerchief. Using a sewing needle, thread a piece of string through one corner of the sponge, and tie it off on the end; then thread that piece through a corner of the handkerchief. Do this with all four corners of the handkerchief, and you should have a miniature parachute that you can watch float to the earth.

4. Create Something New for Your Needs in the House

There is absolutely no reason that you should be limited to creating something from a preexisting design. If your child finds a process that could be more efficient, suggest that you create a new invention together that helps expedite the process. You can use any supplies that you find lying around the house, and even use other known ideas for basic inspiration.

Inventing something new doesn’t have to be a life-long pursuit. Instead, with a few clever ideas and a creative kid, you can build a new creation together this year!

Here are a few other science toys!


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