Build a Dollhouse of Dreams

Playing with dolls seems to be a timeless activity that girls will always enjoy. Throughout history little girls have been excited to play with dolls within a tiny home, and that traditional certainly hasn’t diminished to this day.

And playing with dolls and dollhouses can be a healthy activity, as well. Playing with little figures helps develop a little girl’s sense of nurturing, and may even help them adapt to and comprehend real-world situations that they experience in their own, family-sized home.

Of course, just because girls have always loved to play with dollhouses though, doesn’t mean that your daughter should be stuck playing with something from last century. Instead, with a brand new building block dollhouse from imagine toys®, she can have the experience of playing with dolls, all while creating her very own home from the ground up.

Build a Dollhouse Today with a New Set from imagine toys®

Every house starts from nothing more than a few building materials and some innovative ideas. And if your daughter loves the idea of playing with her very own dollhouse, let her create one all by herself with the new CitiBlocs Dollhouse from imagine toys®. This fun new wooden block dollhouse set gives your little girl everything she needs to create a beautiful toy house, one in which her very own figurines can live and play. The wooden block dollhouse set comes with 110 different pieces that can be stacked together in a variety of ways; she can build the house one way, tear it down with ease, and rebuild it in a completely different fashion. Your daughter can create virtually any type of dollhouse she wants with these building blocks and a little bit of creativity.

And naturally, to add to her excitement, we fashioned this toy in a pretty pink hue that your daughter will love. The sky is the limit with this great new CitiBlocs building set for your daughter.

Build a House for the Dolls

Sure, it may be a blast for your little girl to build her very own dollhouse. But really, what is a beautiful dollhouse without a few dolls to occupy the empty space? For double the fun with this building block dollhouse set, we have also added a few building block dolls that can be placed anywhere within the house, as well as a set of building block dogs that can tag along, both inside and out. The dolls that come with this fun play set can rest and relax within the house when they want, and can head outside and go for a walk with the dogs if they are feeling active. And of course, if your daughter thinks that the dolls want a new place to live, she can always tear down the old house and build a new one.

Have Fun Today with a Toy Dollhouse for Kids

Let your daughter experience the wonders of playing with dolls and dollhouses. And for a great place to begin, try out this new set from imagine toys® and get ready to build!


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