Building Toys for Girls

For the longest time, building toys were made to cater to little boys. Boys were seen as burgeoning builders and architects, and were encouraged to work with their hands to create things at a very young age. Conversely, little girls were presented with doll houses, stuffed animals, cooking sets, and a variety of other similar activities that steered clear of engineering, science, and basic building.

Today, however, the times have changed, and no longer are boys only presented with toy building sets. In fact, there are a host of new girl toys offered by imagine toys® that help girls step into the world of science and building. If you want your daughter to have a toy that teaches her how to work with her hands, pick up one of these new toy building sets today and get to work together.

Deluxe Roominate

The Deluxe Roominate girls toy from imagine toys® is a perfect new construction set for an aspiring builder. This fantastic new toy building set is colorful, simple, and easy to use for children of all ages. The Deluxe Roominate comes with 52 different pieces that can be put together to create a beautiful house, and contains a small table, chairs, and plenty of other fixtures to create a comfortable atmosphere. And best of all, the toy can teach your little girl all about circuits; it comes with a fan, elevator, plane propeller, and merry-go-round, all of which can be wired to run on batteries. Get excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with this fun new toy for girls.

Citiblocs Dollhouse

Most little girls love to play with dollhouses. And now, you can let her build her very own with the new Citiblocs Dollhouse from imagine toys®. This is like no dollhouse you have ever seen before; this fun girl toy comes with 110 different pieces that can all be used to construct a beautiful, pink dollhouse. This fun pink dollhouse also comes with a few characters that can live inside, as well as animals to keep the girls company. This toy is perfect for girls ages 3 and older.

City of Dreams

If your daughter wants to build something straight from her imagination, then it is time to pick up the City of Dreams girl toy today. This toy is a wonderful option for any little girl who is creative and wants to build something with her very own hands. This toy comes with 72 different pieces of colorful, rigid cardboard, and each piece has color and patterns on both sides, and thus can be built facing either way. The toy comes with pieces in the shape of animals, plants, and a variety of geometric and architectural shapes, and is a favorite toy of girls across the country.

Get Ready to Build

At imagine toys®, we believe that building toys are a great way to get your little girl involved in the world of STEM. And if you are looking for a great place to start, pick up one of these great toys today and get ready to build!

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