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Teething can be one of the most difficult times for an infant. As your baby grows their very first teeth within their mouth, they will most likely experience some pain in the process. This can lead to a fussy child who won’t stop crying no matter what you try.

One of the easiest ways to keep your teething infant happy when going through this stage, however, is by providing them with a variety of different teething toys that they can chew on and relieve the pain. And at imagine toys® we now provide the following teething toys that infants are sure to love.

Beautiful Bamboo Keys for Your Infant

If you want your infant to hold the keys to your heart, make sure to bring home the new My First (Bamboo) Keys teething toy from imagine toys®. This wonderful new teething toy is the perfect pain relieving remedy for any teething infant. This toy comes with a set of keys, all of which are made out of lightweight and durable bamboo, and which have key ridges on which your baby can teethe. And for some extra love, each key has a cute saying on it, from “key to my ride (stroller),” to “ key to my new crib,” and even “key to my mom’s heart.” This fun key are a great teething toy for now, and will be a sweet memento to hold onto until your child is grown in the future.

Cute Heart-Shaped Teething Remedy for Your Baby

Does your baby want something to play with when they are teething? Then pick up the new Whimsical Wooden Heart teething remedy for your baby as soon as possible. This fun toy has beautiful pink and red hearts thread in between other wooden blocks in a cute little circle. One of the pink wooden hearts has a piece of foil on it as well, which reflects light when it passes by. Your baby can twist these pieces around the elastic band as they use it as a fun and lighthearted teething remedy.

Move and Shake a Teething Rattle

All infants need a rattle that they can shake in their hands and play with during playtime. And if you want a rattle that doubles as a fun toy for a teething infant, look no further than the Zigggles Zag Rattle from imagine toys®. This charming infant teething remedy is nothing like a regular rattle; instead, it has ringing balls that can be shaken all around, smooth ribbons that will dazzle your infant, and crinkle paper that will feel pleasant in your baby’s hands. Your baby can play around with this new toy in their hands, or use it as a teething toy when they need quick relief.

Take on Teething with New Toys

Teething doesn’t have to be a miserable process that leaves your infant in a tremendous amount of pain throughout the day and night. Instead, all you need is a few fun new teething remedies from imagine toys® and your infant will be pain free in no time.

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