Use a Halloween Costume Year Round

Halloween is a wonderful time to be a child. This fun October holiday gives our little ones the chance to dress up as their favorite things, and parade around the family with friends and family members going door to door.

But any parent is familiar with two things about Halloween: the work it often takes to find a costume that will work for the child, as well as what to do with the costume for the rest of the year. In many households, the Halloween costumes simply remain untouched after a single use on October 31st.

This year, however, you can pick up a beautiful and realistic pair of costumes that your kids will love, and keep them around for dress up activities throughout the rest of the year. All you need is one of these two dress up Halloween costumes from imagine toys®.

Blast Off into Pretend Play with an Astronaut Dress Up Costume

Get ready to explore the cosmos throughout the entire year with the new Astronaut Dress Up Set from imagine toys®. This creative and inspirational dress up costume looks exactly like something worn by professional astronauts who fly into outer space. This fun dress up costume includes a shiny silver jumpsuit for your child to don on Halloween, as well as a pair of gloves, a helmet, and even a reusable nametag. Your little one will look ‘out of this world’ on Halloween night when they go trick or treating with others.

And best of all? This delightful astronaut dress up costume can be worn on other days throughout the year to inspire pretend play and imagination during playtime with the kids.

Travel Back in Time with a Suit of Armor for Your Kids

If your child is truly ready for a medieval adventure that puts them right in the midst of the action, grab the new Deluxe Armor Dress Up Set before Halloween rolls around this year. This exciting pretend play dress up set contains everything that your child needs to embark on an adventure of their very own. This armor set comes with a helmet with a visor, a sword and a sheath into which it can slip, a shield for protection, and a breast plate with a dragon crest across the chest. The armor comes in black or silver, and will quickly whisk your child away into a faraway land immediately after getting dressed.

Turn a Halloween Costume into a Year Round Dress Up Activity

It can be frustrating to open the closet to find a variety of kids Halloween costumes that were worn once in October, and yet were never utilized again afterwards. This year, though, you don’t have to pick out a new costume with your children that will find its way into the back of your wardrobe later on. Instead, grab one of these great new dress up sets from imagine toys® before the end of October arrives, and you will find yourself with a great costume for Halloween, as well as a creative dress up set that will provide fun for the rest of the year.


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