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Discover the best toys by age for kids. Let Imagine Toys find the best toys by age group and toys for all ages to share with you and your children. These age-appropriate toys will have your child using their imagination to play and explore the world.

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Brackitz Master Set
The ultimate kit to creating unique and exciting structures!
    Price: $99.95

    Brackitz Architect Set
    Take wood building blocks to new heights!
      Price: $59.95

      Palace Pals Hand Puppets
      Your little one will love putting on a show with the Palace Pals hand puppets!
        Price: $19.95

        Green Toys Dig & Discover Set
        Explore the great outdoors with the Dig & Discover Set!
          Price: $24.95

          SmartMax Build & Connect
          SmartMax grows with your child!
            Price: $65.95

            zombie toy
            Use science to battle the zombie outbreak!
              Price: $27.95

              kids playhouse
              Your little performer will love this fun pop-up theater tent!
                Price: $29.95

                kids Ninja costume
                Watch out! Your little one will be slick as can be in this Ninja Dress-Up Set!
                  Price: $29.95

                  toddler fishing game
                  This fun game comes with a magnetic "hook" and a working reel!
                    Price: $24.95

                    Anteater Antics
                    Race to collect ants and picnic foods in this active game of memory and dexterity!
                      Price: $29.95

                      Zoo Friends Hand Puppets
                      Your little one will love putting on a show with the Zoo Friends hand puppets!
                        Price: $19.95

                        Melissa & Doug Round the Town Road Rug
                        This fun road rug offers lots of ways to learn and play!
                          Price: $29.95

                          Roominate rPower
                          Add this power kit to your Roominate creations for a new level of interactivity!
                            Price: $35.95

                            Kids Guitar
                            Introduce your future musician to the world of guitar strumming with this Early Melodies Guitar!
                              Price: $69.95

                              Bionic Ear
                              Secretly spy on your friends with this fun electronic listening device!
                                Price: $34.95

                                Crayola Color Alive Enchanted Forest
                                Bring your coloring to life!
                                  Price: $6.95

                                  Crayola Color Alive Mythical Creatures
                                  Bring your coloring to life!
                                    Price: $6.95

                                    Crayola Crayon Carver
                                    Carve your message as you trace!
                                      Price: $42.95

                                      Nail Art Kit
                                        Price: $34.95

                                        Hair Chalk Stencil Kit
                                        Your little diva can make her style shine!
                                          Price: $29.95

                                          Cutie Cat Leopard Helmet | 5-8 bike helmet, kids bike helmet, kids helmet, safety helmet
                                          Be cute & be safe!
                                            Price: $25.95

                                            Krash! Leopard Kitty Helmet helmet, helmets, girls bike helmet, 3D bike helmet, kids bike helmet, bike helmet, kids helmets, kids safety helmets
                                            This adorable helmet has the purrr-fect amount of attitude!
                                              Price: $26.95

                                              Your little daredevil will razzle and dazzle the masses with this helmet!
                                              Rhinestones and animal print and clouds, oh my!
                                                Price: $28.95

                                                Dance your way to a musical good time!
                                                Similar to one seen on Fox & Friends! Kids will have a jammin' good time when they dance around on this giant piano mat!
                                                  Price: $39.95

                                                  John Deere 21" Big Scoop Tractor
                                                  Toy tractor looks just like a real John Deere tractor
                                                    Price: $59.95

                                                    John Deere Monster Treads Truck Set kids toys, truck set, toy trucks, toy tractors, john deere, john deere toys, farming toys
                                                    Set of 5 John Deere toy trucks
                                                      Price: $46.95

                                                      Imagination Patterns
                                                      Sturdy case of magnetic design blocks.
                                                        Price: $34.95

                                                        CAT Take-A-Part Dump Truck
                                                        This little dump truck can be taken apart and rebuilt!
                                                          Price: $29.95

                                                          Paint your very own masterpiece to display in your home
                                                          Create a custom piece of artwork with this fun paint kit
                                                            Price: $24.95

                                                            Paint your very own masterpiece to display in your home
                                                            Create a custom piece of artwork with this fun paint kit
                                                              Price: $24.95

                                                              Paint your very own masterpiece to display in your home
                                                              Create a custom piece of artwork with this fun paint kit
                                                                Price: $24.95

                                                                Pirate Mohawk Blue Helmet
                                                                Walking the plank is no big thing with this stylin' helmet for protection!
                                                                  Price: $25.95

                                                                  Super Rainbow Unicorn Hair Helmet
                                                                  This cute Super Rainbow Unicorn helmet is perfect for the girly daredevil!
                                                                    Price: $25.95

                                                                    Tons of tattoo fun for the whole family!
                                                                    A drawing game where your body is the canvas!
                                                                      Price: $14.99

                                                                      Monster Bake kids game, sorting game, speed game, monster, baking
                                                                      The kitchen is about to get crazy!
                                                                        Price: $29.95

                                                                        Sleepy Princess stacking game, princess game, kids skill game, story book and game
                                                                        This fantastic stacking game is perfect for any little princess!
                                                                          Price: $26.95

                                                                          Grow With Me Musical Walker
                                                                          Your little walker will love to try his new skills out on this fun musical walker!
                                                                            Price: $43.95

                                                                            Letter Train and Piano Activity Table
                                                                            This colorful activity table teaches alphabet, colors, and shapes
                                                                              Price: $49.95

                                                                              B-ball in the dark is even more fun!
                                                                              Get your game on, even after dark, with NightZone Hoops!
                                                                                Price: $19.95

                                                                                Raskullz T-Rex Bonez Mohawk Helmet
                                                                                Your little daredevil can tear up the pavement as he keeps his head safe in style!
                                                                                  Price: $25.95

                                                                                  KEVA Brain Builders!
                                                                                  Your future builder can flex their cranial muscles with the help of KEVA Brain Builders!
                                                                                    Price: $14.95

                                                                                    Yellow Beauty Dress
                                                                                    Your little princess can tame even the wildest beast in this Yellow Beauty Dress!
                                                                                      Price: $29.99

                                                                                      Mermaid Dress
                                                                                      Your little princess can be a mermaid with this fun dress-up piece!
                                                                                        Price: $24.99

                                                                                        Amulet Princess Dress
                                                                                        Your little princess will be enchanted with the Amulet Princess Dress!
                                                                                          Price: $24.95

                                                                                          Sky Pogo outdoor kids activity, rope swing, outdoor jumper, kids active toys, LED lights
                                                                                          Bounce, spin and jump up to the sky with the Sky Pogo!
                                                                                            Price: $119.95

                                                                                            Smartphone Science Lab
                                                                                            Turn any tablet or smartphone into an awe-inspiring science instrument
                                                                                              Price: $19.95

                                                                                              Bounce, bobble and spin your way to fun with the SpiroBouncer.
                                                                                                Price: $99.95

                                                                                                Moustache Smash
                                                                                                Matching game that will give you the giggles.
                                                                                                  Price: $18.95

                                                                                                  Kinetic Sand
                                                                                                  Sand that you have to feel to believe.
                                                                                                    Price: $14.95

                                                                                                    WOW Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Wireless
                                                                                                    Wireless speakers for your next dance party
                                                                                                      Price: $49.95

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                                                                                                      products 57-112 of 729

                                                                                                      toys by age group

                                                                                                      From newborns to school-age kids, has fantastic toys for all ages that encourage imagination, exploration and discovery. Shop for wonderful kids toys by age that can grow with your child as they learn new things and find new ways to play with toys. Imagine toys has hand-selected these high-quality toys by age group that are sure to be very special to your child.

                                                                                                      Shop for toys by age, to find toys that are appropriate for your child’s development and the stage they are in. We have a collection of  baby, infant, and toddler toys that will teach them valuable things about the world around them as they learn through play. For the  preschooler we have playful learning toys that get them excited to learn and also prepare them for elementary school. For school age 5-78-10 and older children 11, 12 and up, imagine toys has a selection of science toys, STEM toys, arts and crafts and pretend play toys to enhance your child’s storytelling. No matter what your child is interested in, you are sure to find something that is fun and engaging and allows them to hone their skills while they learn and play. Check back often as we constantly introduce new, fantastic toys.


                                                                                                      I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
                                                                                                      by: Alisa S.

                                                                                                      Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
                                                                                                      by: Andrew A.

                                                                                                      It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
                                                                                                      by: Cheryl P.



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