10 Favorite Wooden Toys

From wooden alphabet blocks to wooden trains, there are a variety of different wooden toys that kids can tinker with during playtime. And here at Imagine Toys®, we believe that providing wooden toys for children is a great way to move away from modern technology and towards traditional toys that kids have always loved.

Are you not sure where to find a few wooden toys for kids? Head to the Imagine Toys® online store and get one of these 10 best wooden toys that we have to offer:

1. Un-Blocks

wooden blocks and connectors

Try this new twist on regular building blocks with Un-Blocks! Similar to wooden building blocks, these can be piled atop one another to create a massive structure. But there’s a twist; unlike regular wooden blocks, Un-Blocks interlock together, allowing a whole new dimension of construction.

2. Airport in a Box

wooden airport toy

If your child loves planes in the sky, let him or her be pilot for a day with the new Airport in a Box toy. This fun wooden toy stores a whole airplane, runway, and other airport facilities all in a small carrying case.

3. Balance Bike

wooden bicycle

Is your child ready to learn how to ride a bike? Test out his or her skills with the wooden Balance Bike , one of the best wooden toys for kids.

4. Bunny Racer

sustainable rubber wood bunny racer

Toddlers will love the new Bunny Racer, a fun wooden racing toy that lets your little one build fine motor skills as he or she races to the finish.

5. Citiblocs

super-deluxe wooden block set

Turn your little one into a blossoming engineer with Citiblocs this year. All of the blocks in this set are cut precisely the same way, allowing your child to create a wild variety of symmetrical structures.

6. ABC Buggy

wooden buggy for kids to push

Get up and about with the new ABC Buggy with Blocks toy. Your child can push this wooden toy about and learn the alphabet at the same time.

7. Big Top Circus

wooden toy circus set

The circus is in town with the fun Big Top Circus kit from Imagine Toys®. This incredible new kids’ wooden toy comes with everything a circus contains, including a four-car train, 19 circus trailers, and even a storage box shaped like a tent.

8. Caleb Caterpillar

wooden toy caterpillar

Try working on your child’s strength and fine motor skills this year with the new Caleb Caterpillar Pull Along toy. This fun wooden toy lets your child drag their favorite new caterpillar all around the house.

9. Caramel the Rocking Horse

Wooden rocking horse

Caramel the Rocking Horse is a traditional rocking horse that your children will quickly fall in love with. This fun wooden toy lets your toddler rock back and forth with joy!

10. Darling Dollhouse

solid wood dollhouse

Let your little girl’s dreams come true in the fun new Darling Dollhouse from Imagine Toys®. This delightful 41-piece dollhouse set is perfect for girls ages 3 and up.

Best Wooden Toys for Kids

Are you looking for a few fun wooden toys to offer your kids this year? Look for these 10 best wooden toys at the online store today.

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