10 Fun, Classic & Easy Halloween Costumes for Boys & Girls

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it is time to find the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones. But where should you start looking? And what type of costume will your child enjoy wearing when he or she goes trick-or-treating this year?

Ultimately, you may want to consider something simple, fun, and timeless that your little one can wear on All Hallows’ Eve. And these classic Halloween costumes for kids are guaranteed to be a true success on the big night, so make sure to grab one for each of your little ones before the big night finally arrives.

10 Fun, Classic & Easy Halloween Costumes for Boys & Girls

1. Save the Animals on Halloween

Is your little one an animal-lover? If so, then consider having him or her dress up with the Veterinarian Dress Up Set for kids this year. This fun Halloween costume for boys and girls comes with a lab coat, a face mask, and a scrub cap, and even includes a plush puppy to care for as you go trick-or-treating together.

Kids Doctor Halloween Costume

2. Save Everyone Else

Of course, while the world needs vets, it also needs plenty of doctors who are ready to save lives. So this Halloween, let your little one put on the Doctor Dress Up Set and be ready for any emergency. This sweet Halloween costume for girls and boys comes with a lab coat, as well as a face mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, and a syringe – everything your child needs to give a thorough examination!

Kids Police Officer Halloween Costume

3. Protect the Streets

There is certainly a lot of crime on the streets – and what better way to protect the population than by dressing your little one up as a law enforcement officer? This Halloween, let your child protect and serve the general public with the Police Officer Dress Up Set. This fun costume comes with a jacket and cap, along with handcuffs and a book of tickets to write up violations.

Kids Pilot Costume

4. Fly the Friendly Skies

This Halloween, let your little one fly from house to house with the Pilot Dress Up Set for kids. This is perfect for any child who dreams of flying, as it comes with a pilot jacket and necktie, a hat, flight wings, a steering yoke, and even a reusable flight checklist to prepare for the skies.

Princess Dress Costume

5. Be a Princess for a Night

Does your little girl dream of one day being royalty? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home the Amulet Princess Dress. This sweet Halloween costume for girls will have her looking like a member of the royal family as she goes house to house this Halloween night.

Kids Ninja Haloween Costume

6. Sneak Around the Night Like a Ninja

No one will be able to spot your little one as he or she goes sneaking around to each house wearing the Ninja Costume Dress Up Set for kids. This Halloween costume for boys is perfect for any little one who wants to pop out of the shadows for a fun surprise. It comes with a tunic with dragon detail, silver-accented pants, a soft hood and a soft short sword for protection.

Kids Fire Fighter Halloween Costume

7. Put Out a Fire on Halloween

It’s always nice to travel with an emergency worker who can spring into action whenever necessary. So this year, don’t leave the house without your child wearing the Fire Chief Dress Up Set for children. This sweet kids’ Halloween costume encourages imaginative play, and comes with a jacket with reflective material, along with a play extinguisher and name tag.

Girls Mermaid Halloween Costume

8. A Mermaid in the Seas

It may normally be impossible to spot a mermaid out in the open. But this Halloween, you can bring this mythical creature to life by letting your little one wear the Mermaid Dress. This sweet Halloween costume for girls is perfect if your daughter wants to imagine she is swimming around with the creatures of the deep sea.

Children's Astronaut Costume

9. Fly Off into Space

Get ready to fly out of this world this Halloween by letting your child wear the Astronaut Dress Up Set when you go trick-or-treating from house to house. This awesome costume for kids comes with a jumpsuit, gloves, helmet, and a reusable nametag for the astronaut to wear. This is the perfect dress up set to fly out of this world this year.

Girls Ice Queen Costume

10. Queen of the Ice

Don’t let your daughter be anything but royalty this year; dress her up with the Ice Queen Dress for Halloween. This fun Halloween costume for girls is a great option for little ones who want to look dazzling and beautiful as they parade around the neighborhood looking for candy.

Classic Halloween Costumes for Kids

Don’t stress about finding the perfect Halloween costumes for your kids this year. Instead, try one or more of these classic Halloween costumes for kids and get ready for some family fun this Halloween!


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