10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month

Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month

There are few things more exciting and rewarding than spending time with those closest to you in life. Spending time with family members often helps shed the stress associated with work or school, and allows you bond and develop stronger relationships with your loved ones. In addition, it allows you to impart knowledge on your children as they grow and develop.

And this year, we are recognizing the importance of family by celebrating August as family fun month. If you need some ideas for ways to celebrate family fun month, consider these 10 tips that everyone is sure to enjoy.

1. Have a Campfire

Do you remember sitting around the campfire as a child and telling stories to the rest of your family? For many, a childhood campfire experience represents some of their best memories throughout life. And you can recreate that experience this year, and share it with your little ones, by heading up to the mountains or woods and lighting a sanctioned fire at night, or just heading out into the back yard. You can tell stories, roast marshmallows, look at the stars, and have a blast together.

2. Ride Your Bikes

Have you not been able to fully enjoy the warm weather of the summer? Are you looking for an excellent way to get outside before school starts. Try celebrating family fun month this year by hopping on your bikes and riding around the neighborhood with your little ones.

3. Cook Breakfast Together

When school starts, families often find that there is no longer time to sit around the kitchen table in the morning and eat breakfast together. So before your schedule fills up with work and school this fall, celebrate family fun month by picking a delicious recipe, cooking in the kitchen with the kids, and sitting down to a wonderful meal that you can enjoy together as a family.

4. Go to the Aquarium

Is there an aquarium in your town, or in an area nearby? If so, take some time this family fun month to visit the home of thousands of fish swimming behind the glass. Aquariums provide numerous educational opportunities for both children and adults alike; you can witness fish in a simulation of their natural habitat and discover the mysteries of the sea. And you can watch as your kids squeal with glee when the fish go flying by.

5. Build a House Fort

Wouldn’t it be nice if the children could set aside their tablets and screens one day this summer and have fun using nothing more than a few household supplies and their imaginations? This August, consider trying out an age-old activity by grabbing a few pillows and blankets and making a house fort with the kids in which they can play around for the day.

6. Watch Cartoons Together

Let’s face it: some of the most fun memories many of us have as children took place in front of the TV watching Saturday-morning cartoons. And there’s nothing wrong with watching an animated series on the weekend; many often include educational themes to help children learn.

Do you miss those days? If so, sit down with the kids on a Saturday and spend a few hours watching your favorite old or new cartoons.

7. Share Pictures of Your Childhood

Have you had a chance to show your children a glimpse of what your childhood looked like? If you have pictures of yourself as a child, bring them out this month as a great way to celebrate family fun month. Your children will be amazed at what things looked like only a few short decades ago.

8. Head to the Beach

If you live close enough to the beach, consider taking a vacation day together with the family to enjoy some of the last rays of sunshine and the breeze off the ocean (or lake). Something about the beach and the open water helps facilitates wonderful memories for both parents and children alike.

9. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Have you seen everything that your own town has to offer? If not, take time this month to head out to the city with your family and be a tourist in your town, taking in all the sights together.

10. Have a Photo Shoot

Why not spend some time this month partaking in an activity that will produce lasting memories you can carry with you forever? Find a perfect spot for a photo shoot; this may be in the woods, in your backyard, or even if your living room. Bring a few props, set up the camera, and take pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month

Are you looking for a few great ways to celebrate family fun month together? Try these 10 awesome activities to guarantee you have an excellent family fun month with those closest to you in your life.

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