10 Hi-Tech Toys for Technophile Kids

For children in the modern era, there is certainly a large emphasis on developing skills involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). To be sure, there have been nationwide efforts to help encourage STEM-based learning in classrooms for children of all ages, and children have more opportunities than ever before to learn all about these interesting concepts.

And, in fact, there are a number of hi-tech toys that have been developed in the recent years solely for the benefit of children who are interested in the world of STEM, and who want to learn more. So if your child is a burgeoning technophile and is always looking to explore, you may wish to bring home one or more of these 10 great hi-tech toys for kids.

1. A Toy in Constant Motion

Hi-Tech Toys for Technophile Kids

The Snap Circuits MOTION toy is perhaps one of the greatest activities for children who are interested in learning more about the world of technology. This fun STEM toy consists of motion-themed projects that teach kids all about physics, electricity, and electronics, and allows children to build and experiment for days on end with over 165 different projects.

2. Searching for Buried Treasure

toy metal detector

Would your little ones jump at the opportunity to search for treasure that has been buried beneath your backyard? If so, consider bringing home the Treasure Hunter Metal Detector toy as soon as possible. This fun technology toy utilizes magnetic force to detect treasure beneath the surface of the ground, and is a favorite of children nationwide.

3. Experiment with a Smartphone

hi-tech toys

If your child already loves to play with a smartphone or tablet, help increase the educational fun this year with the Smartphone Science Lab. This awesome tech toy for kids turns any tablet or smartphone into a science instrument, and offers 20 different experiments at the tip of your child’s fingers.

4. A Phone for Younger Children

Kids Smart Phone

While your toddler may not need a real smartphone in his or her back pocket, you can still let him or her access the benefits of this advanced technology with the Tech-Too Smart Phone today. This awesome toy looks much like a real-life smartphone and has five different play modes, helping little ones to learn animal names, sounds, colors, and numbers, all with a fun technology toy for kids.

5. Explore the Surface of the Moon

STEM toys

Does your little one dream of one day rocketing off into space and having the opportunity to explore the surface of another planet? If so, let his or her imagination run wild with the ReCon Rover, an awesome programmable rover that can go on missions programmed by your child by using the onboard computer and keypad.

6. An Educational Tablet Toy for Kids

Kids toy tablet

While many tablet applications are meant solely for entertainment, you can provide your little one with an educational and stimulating tablet experience with the XO Tablet. This fun toy for kids has content in English and Spanish, and has over 100 pre-loaded apps offering educational fun for children of all ages.

7. Create Art on a Handheld Tablet

technology toys

For those little ones who love to play with and explore new arts and crafts toys, the ArtSee Interactive Art Studio is absolutely a must-have. This awesome tablet toy secures to most iPads, and features activities that let children create animation, music, special effects, and so much more on the screen right in front of them.

8. Search the World for a Geocache

Geocache toy

Have your children yet had the opportunity to try their hands at geocaching? If not, let them try this sensational new activity today by bringing home the Hide & Seek Geocache, an awesome toy that is ready to go right out of the box and lets your little ones search for treasure near and far.

9. Power a Smart Car with an App on Your Phone

App-Powered Smart Car Toy

If your little one is already capable of utilizing a smartphone or tablet, then he or she will fall in love with the App-Powered Smart Car. This amazing technology toy allows your child to build a car from scratch, and then power it using modern tablet technology.

10. Learn About STEM with a Comprehensive Tech Toy

Tesla Toy Kit

Ultimately, if your child is fascinated by the world of STEM, he or she should have access to the Tesla Kit. This great tech toy allows children to engineer countless projects and develop problem-solving skills, all while learning skills that will certainly be valuable in their future.

Have a Blast This Year with Technology Toys for Kids

Even at a very young age, it is important that children develop STEM skills to accurately prepare them for a future filled with technology. And to help your little ones with this endeavor, and provide them with plenty of fun, come home with some of these great toys for kids today.


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