10 Screen-Free Activities to try on Road Trips

Palace pals

With technology, it can be so easy for us to rely on a screen for entertainment – or, let our children stare at a screen instead of engaging with the outside world. Of course, there are benefits to TVs and smartphones, it can become the go-to source of fun for many little ones during downtime. This far too often the case during long road trips, during which parents are in the front seats driving and navigating, hoping dvds and tablets will distract the kids in the back long enough to get there.

So this year, if you are trying to cut back on screen time and also planning a road trip, consider trying 10 great screen-free activities for road trips that are perfect to get kids’ eyes off a screen…for a little while at least.

1. I spy

Perhaps one of the most classic road trip games for families nationwide involves one person in the car picking something they see outside of the vehicle, and then having the rest of the passengers guess what it may be within a certain number of guesses. You can pick things you see in nature, other cars alongside you in traffic, or even road signs or buildings that you are near.

2. Drawing Projects

If you aren’t expecting VERY bumpy roads, consider packing some simple arts and crafts supplies like colored pencils, paper, and a few clipboards for the back. Ask your little ones to draw a portrait of the landscape they see outside the window, or of something they wish to see when you reach your destination.

palace pals

3. Puppets

Playing with puppets is an excellent way to pass time on a road trip. Performances using puppets encourage creativity and imagination, and provide an exciting way to remain interactive and let the kids show off to the parents.

And if you need a quick set to get started, make sure to bring along the Palace Pals Hand Puppets for your trip. This great set of hand puppets comes with four soft and plush puppets that are perfect for kids ages three and older.

4. Sing along with the Radio

Do your little ones enjoy singing and dancing each time music comes on? If so, consider having a sing along to anything that comes on the radio – or, for a more kid-friendly activity, bring with you some tunes that the kids already know and can follow.

5. Read Books

As long as your little ones don’t get car sick when focusing on words in front of them, consider bringing with you a few kids’ books to read in the car. Or, if your children aren’t yet comfortable reading on their own, bring some picture books that you can read together, or interactive books with flaps that provide an engaging experience.

SmartMax Basic set

6. Learn with Magnets

Magnets are fun, and they can be extremely educational as well. For example, with the A to Z Uppercase Magnatab, your little ones can develop their alphabet and language skills with a fun, in-car activity. Or, with the SmartMax Basic Building Set, your kids can develop their architecture and building skills as you travel along to your destination.

7. The Alphabet Game

One of the best and most effective ways to pass time during a road trip without looking at a screen is by playing the alphabet game, a game in which participants attempt to spot each letter of the alphabet outside of the car. This game works best when passing billboards or other similar advertisements

Zaza the mouse

8. Play with Figurines

Does your child love to play with dolls or figurines? If so bring them along in the car for some road trip fun. And if you need something new to try, grab the Zaza the Mouse toy today. This adorable stuffed animal includes a cape and a pouch to store little treasures.

9. Spot License Plates

How many license plates from other states can you spot while on your road trip with the kids? The next road trip you take, spend some time searching for as many different license plates that you can find.

Counting Koi Blocks

10. Count Everything You Can

Finally, if you are looking for an educational and entertaining activity to try with the kids this year, play a counting game that you make up together. And to get started, try working with the Counting Koi Blocks, solid maple blocks that are perfect for helping your children work on their numbers.

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Are you looking for a few family road trip activities this year? If so, try these 10 simple screen-free activities for road trips that are perfect for everyone in the car.


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