10 Simple Tips to Help Keep a Clean House

10 Simple Tips to Help Keep a Clean House

It can seem entirely impossible to keep things clean with little ones in the house. Even after hours spent picking up toys, vacuuming carpets, and deep cleaning every spot in sight, it often feels like only moments pass before the little ones find a way to cause disarray again.

Of course, as parents, it can be frustrating to constantly pick up after our little ones, as it can take hours or even a full day of work. This summer, though, you can shorten up the time it takes to clean with a few easy house cleaning tips. To be sure, these 10 simple tips to help keep a clean house will lighten your workload and allow you to enjoy the rest of the summer with your family.

1. Add a Toy

If your little ones love toys, why not provide them with a toy that will make cleaning more fun? A great storage toy, like the Flying Squirrel Storage Bin, can help turn the process of cleaning the house into a fun game for the whole family.Kids will have a blast as they toss their other toys into this adorable storage bin for kids.

2. Get Rid of Toys

This may seem contrary to the first suggestion, but one of the best ways to ensure you always have a clean house is by decreasing the amount of toys in your little one’s playroom. Sit down with your child and figure out what toys he or she loves to use, and what toys can be donated or repurposed.

3. Teach Organization at a Young Age

Imagine a world in which you didn’t have to clean your children’s playroom, and instead they picked up after themselves all day. This can, in fact, be a reality if you help teach the importance of organization at a very young age. As soon as your children are able to understand the concept, stress the importance of putting their toys back where they belong, and this will help you greatly in your quest to keep a clean house.

4. Get Out of the House

Are you sick of picking up toys that seem to be strewn about the house after playtime? If so, take the kids outside for playtime and avoid the mess. You will all have the opportunity to breathe in fresh air and soak up the sun, without the added cleanup afterwards.

5. Pick Your Toys Carefully

One of the best and most significant easy house cleaning tips involves tackling the problem at the source. If you find that your little ones have too many toys lying around, consider only picking up a few select toys each year. For example, if your little one loves arts and crafts, bring home the Super Spirograph Design Set, which will keep your child busy for a long while, and will allow you to keep a clean house in the interim.

6. Discuss Satisfaction with What You Have

This suggestion does not so much deal with cleaning, but instead, again, aims at the root of the problem. If your children are constantly leaving their possessions about the house, it may be a sign that they have too much. And if this is the case, have a discussion with them about satisfaction and contentment with few items, those that truly mean the most to us. After teaching this to your children they may feel less inclined to constantly search for fun from new toys.

7. Try Mini Chores

The kids don’t want to perform a few hours of chores on the weekend? If that sounds like your little one, set up a daily schedule during which they do mini chores. For example, one day your daughter could put away all of the shoes, and the next your son could straighten the desks. Tackling these tasks one day at a time makes things more manageable.

8. Don’t Fall Behind

Are you sick of spending a whole day cleaning up after the kids? Instead of letting the mess accumulate, clean as you go to ensure you have a handle on the process.

9. Toys Only in the Playroom

Many children have the privilege of bringing their toys wherever they would like. And while this may be fun for the kids, it leads to a significant cleanup effort later on. For your benefit, limit the toys to only the playroom.

10. Do It Together as a family

Finally, if the mess seems far too big to conquer alone, bring your entire family into the mix. This is an excellent and easy house cleaning tip that will help you keep a clean space while spending time with those whom you love.

Don’t let the mess of your children get out of hand this year. Instead, try these 10 simple tips to help keep a clean house and get ready to tidy up this summer!

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