10 Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

Although the summer months may provide a much needed break from the full schedules of work and school, they also arrive with brutal temperatures for three full months. And in order to stay safe and keep healthy, it is important you take part in certain activities to stay cool. Here are ten activities for kids that can keep you cool and help you enjoy the summer:

1. Run Through the Sprinklers

This timeless classic is a great way to water your lawn while providing the kids and the whole family a chance to beat the heat this summer. Crank up the sprinklers in your back yard for an hour and run back and forth through the water.

2. Make Your Own Popsicles

You can find both popsicle holders and wooden sticks at a local grocery store, and after filling them with juice concoctions and placing them in the freezer, you will be greeted by tasty frozen treats to help you cool off.

3. Water Balloon Hot Potato

If you have a few water balloons lying around, fill one up with liquid and play the game ‘hot potato’ with friends and family. One lucky player will get splashed and will cool down in the hot summer months.

4. Bob for Apples

Although this game is usually a Halloween tradition, you can set it up during the summer season to help everyone cool off. You can always use a plastic pale if you don’t have a barrel at home; just fill it up with water and some apples and get ready for a fun time!

5. Picnic Indoors

If it’s too hot to head outside for a picnic, take the treats indoors for a meal inside the house. Add to the fun by laying down a picnic blanket across the living room floor!

6. Make Your Own Smoothies

A smoothie is a delicious treat that all kids will enjoy, and there is no better way to help cool down and have some mealtime fun than by letting the little ones make their own tasty creations.

7. Reading Marathon

If you have a cool nook already set up in your house, take advantage of that shady space by hosting a reading marathon one day in the summer. Pick a few of your favorite books, and read to your kids to stay away from the heat.

8. Pool Party

If one of your little one’s is having a birthday this summer, consider hosting a birthday party at a local swimming pool for great fun for kids. They can practice their swimming skills, and generally enjoy this activity for kids as they stay cool.

9. Head to the Ice Rink

If your little ones don’t yet know how to ice skate, take some time this summer to teach them this great activity for kids. It’s simple, it’s interactive, and it will keep you cool when the temperatures rise.

10. Go to the Library

Often times it can be difficult to find places in the summer that provide air-conditioning and a quiet place to sit. The library may give you exactly what you need in this regard, and promises to hold plenty of books that are fun for kids.

Beat the Heat This Summer

Don’t let the summer heat get you down this year. Instead, try these ten simple activities to have a blast and stay cool with the little ones.


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