10 Best Learning Apps for Kids

The recent surge in popularity of smartphones and tablets has also contributed to the rise of kids learning apps that can strongly aid in development and growth. All of these phone and iPad apps are highly interactive, and can be accessed from anywhere you have connection. If your child loves to play with your tablet or phone, consider downloading these ten apps for kids to get them on track in the digital world:

1. First Letters and Phonics

First Letters and Phonics is a phonic-based kids iPad app that helps your little one learn the basics of the alphabet, and aids them in creating their first words and sentences. This kids learning app is great for children just starting to read, as well.

2. Signing Time ASL

Even if your child is still learning how to read or write, introducing them to sign language can help them understand another world of communication. Signing Time ASL is a great kids iPad app that can expose your child to the world of signing.

3. Park Math

Combining cute animals and simple numbers, Park Math, a highly-acclaimed kids iPad app, can help your child with basic calculations as they enjoy the world of the virtual great outdoors!

4. ArtSee Interactive Art Studio

If your child loves to draw, then this drawing app for kids is the perfect choice. ArtSee Interactive Art Studio is a drawing app for kids that allows your children to paint pictures, create animations and music, and even add special effects to a virtual scene. This fun kids learning app even comes with a special case that includes all of the extras for your iPad.

ArtSee Interactive Art Studio from ImagineToys.com

5. Peekaboo Wild

Head out into the wilderness with this fun kids learning app. Peekaboo Wild teaches your child all about wild animals and their natural habitats, and does so with cute and colorful cartoon characters.

6. SkyView – Explore the Universe

If your child is a budding astronaut, this fun app for kids will be a gateway to a new world. SkyView – Explore the Universe lets you identify the stars or constellations you want from your smartphone or tablet.

7. Project Noah

If your child doesn’t like the cosmos, consider taking them back down to Earth with this fun app for kids. Project Noah teaches your little one all about basic biodiversity among Earth’s wildlife, and can take your child all over the world.

8. Musical Me!

Introducing your child to the world of basic rhythm and blues can help in all aspects of their life, and this new app is the easiest way to do so. Musical Me! provides a simple overview of notes, instruments, and pitch at the touch of your fingers.

9. Stack the States

Is your little one a U.S. geography buff? If so, Stack the States might be the right choice for them. This fun app for kids will highlight your child’s ability to recognize the states of our country.

10. Kid Genius: 13 in 1

If you can’t decide from one subject to the next, consider this kids learning app that puts them all together. Kid Genius: 13 in 1 puts together 13 different kids iPad apps to keep your little one busy during playtime.

Use the iPad for Education

Smartphones and tablets are now the perfect tools for your children’s education. And to get started right away, try using these 10 fun apps for kids that will move them to the head of the class!


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