10 Best Toddler Toys for the Summer

If you have a toddler, the summer is the perfect time to spend with one another and hang out under the sun. And of course, the best way to do so is with a healthy supply of toddler toys that foster a love for education and physical activity. Here are the ten best toddler toys from Imagine Toys® to keep you busy this summer:

1. Freestyle Spooner Board

If your little one loves the idea of zipping around on a skateboard or snowboard, but isn’t ready for the real thing yet, make sure they have the Freestyle Spooner Board this summer. This kids toy helps build coordination and balance, and is perfect for a summer day.

Freestyle Spooner Board available at imaginetoys.com

2. Bilibo

Help strengthen your child’s imagination this summer with Bilibo from Imagine Toys®. This fun kids toy can be a doll cradle, a hat, a rocking chair, and so much more, all by letting your toddler’s imagination run wild.

Bilibo available at imaginetoys.com

3. Miniz Shark Attax Bike Helmet

Head out on a bike ride one afternoon this summer, and make sure your toddler has their own Miniz Shark Attax Bike Helmet to keep them looking good and riding safe the whole trip.

Miniz Shark Attax Helmet available at imaginetoys.com

4. Y Bike Evolve

If your toddler has their own bike helmet, but hasn’t yet learned to ride, bring home the new Y Bike Evolve today. This great bike is adjustable, providing a tricycle, a balance trike, and a balance bike for your little one.

Y Bike Evolve available at imaginetoys.com

5. Mini Golf Set

Hit the links one day with your little one with the Mini Golf Set. This fun toy for toddlers comes with everything your child will need to putt around and sink a hole-in-one!

Mini Golf Set available at imaginetoys.com

6. Blue Lil Rollerblades

If a balance bike isn’t exciting enough for your toddler, strap the Blue Lil Rollerblades on their feet this summer for an exciting ride that will help build their balance, strength, and love for speed!

Blue Lil Rollerblades available at imaginetoys.com

7. ABC Buggy with Blocks

Help your toddler learn to walk this year with the fun ABC Buggy with Blocks toy for kids. This great push toy gives your child something colorful to hold onto as they get their balance, and holds a block set for them to play with on the ground when they get tired.

ABC Buggy with Blocks available at imaginetoys.com

8. One Touch Lil Nursery Tent

The summer is the perfect time for a backyard camping trip, and there’s no better way to set up camp than with the One Touch Lil Nursery Tent. This replica tent is the perfect place to read together, do arts and crafts, or just lie about and enjoy the summer heat.

One Touch Lil Nursery Tent

9. Stripey Hop

If your child seems to have a never ending supply of energy, give them the Stripey Hop this summer and let them bounce around for hours. This fun exercise ball will keep your child entertained as they spring from one spot to the other.

Stripey Hop available at imaginetoys.com

10. Lotus Little Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature, and now you can try this activity with your toddler with their very own Lotus Little Yoga Mat. It rolls up for an easy-to-carry accessory that will help your toddler enjoy this peaceful activity.

Lotus Little Yoga Mat available at imaginetoys.com

Summer Fun with the Little Ones

Get ready for a great summer with your toddler this year. And to ensure it’s a blast, make sure to try out these ten new toys to keep the fun going for the whole season.


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