10 Camping Activities for the Whole Family

For some families, going camping is an age-old tradition that they look forward to each summer. It is a chance to head out into the wilderness and enjoy all of the great things that nature has to offer.

But while the great outdoors may provide plenty of excitement, it is also important to show up prepared with camping activities and outdoor games to keep everyone entertained. If you head up into the wilderness this summer, consider these 10 outdoor games and camping activities for a weekend filled with fun:

1. Scavenger Hunts

For this great camping activity, all you need is a list of things in nature, and a few hours of daylight. Give copies of the list to different teams, and head out to search for adventure!

2. Tracking Animals

The wilderness is filled with small animals that make themselves known through tracks and droppings. Spend some time walking around with your children, looking to spot different creatures on the trail.

3. Run an Obstacle Course

At first you may only see a few trees, benches, and even large rocks, but this can easily turn into an obstacle course outdoor game by using your imagine. Try hopping over rocks, crawling under benches, and cartwheeling through fields for a fun outdoor camping activity.

4. Learn About Fire Building

If your state allows you to build fires in the wilderness, spend some time with your children learning about fire safety, and how to carefully build a fire in a designated pit for warmth, comfort, and a place to cook food.

5. Cook Something Over the Fire

Cooking over a campfire is something that everyone should experience. And whether you choose marshmallows or hot dogs, or even something more gourmet, bring along a food that you can roast for a delicious camping snack.

6. Tell Stories

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions that exists among humans. And you don’t have to tell ghost stories, but making up tales and trading them with one another will stretch your imaginations, and bring you closer together as a family.

7. Create Music

You don’t have to be a music virtuoso to create music in nature. All you need is your voices and a few campfire songs for your kids to learn with this great outdoor activity.

8. Play Board Games

A camping trip is the perfect time to get away from the screen and play board games and other word games with the kids. And for a great option, bring along Jumbo Bananagrams in your backpack. This is a new twist on the classic word game, and is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Jumbo Bananagrams available at imaginetoys.com

9. Bring Along a Ball

Tossing a ball in the woods is a great way to bond as a family, all while building strength and coordination within your kids. Grab a baseball, a football, or any other type of sports ball, and get playing!

10. Take a Hike!

One of the most rewarding things about nature is that it holds so many secrets about the world that are just around every corner. Head out on a designated trail with the kids, and enjoy all of the wonders that nature has to offer!

Play Outdoor Games and Try New Outdoor Activities

A camping trip can be a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. So this year, try these 10 great family games and outdoor activities and head out into the woods together!


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