Abracadabra – 10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

With so many different magical books and movies circulating in the world of children today, it is almost guaranteed that your little ones will want to become little wizards and witches of their own. But while they may never be able to cast spells or ride dragons, you can still keep this dream alive by teaching them a bit of sleight of hand. If your children love magic, try teaching them these ten easy magic tricks to dazzle their family and friends.

1. The Rubber Pencil

This easy magic trick is truly just an optical illusion, but will endless entertainment for the little ones. Have your child hold a pencil at the very end, and loosely shake it up and down, using their wrist for motion. The pencil will look as if it is starting to wiggle!

2. Quarter in the Ear

This tried-and-true easy magic trick is a timeless favorite. Grab a quarter, hide it in your hand, and claim that you see something shiny behind your child’s ear. Quickly reach back and act as if you grabbed the coin – if you do it fast enough they will believe their hiding money behind their head!

3. Touch of Magic

Grab a pie tin, fill it partially with water, and place four toothpicks inside in a square. Then, take a separate toothpick, dip it slightly in detergent, and insert it into the water. The soap will make the other four separate using an “invisible force.”

4. Two Fingers – Four Fingers

For this fun and easy magic trick, hold up two fingers in both hands. Hit them together, while simultaneously holding up four in one hand and zero in the other. It will look like the fingers jumped hands.

5. Rabbit in the Hat

Take a top hat, sew on a removable black felt flap in the bottom, and put a stuffed rabbit beneath it. Cover the rabbit with the flap, have your child show the empty hat to the audience, and let them wow everyone by pulling out their furry friend.

6. Mind Reader

Even if your child isn’t a psychic, they can cast the illusion of reading a mind by preparing an assistant beforehand, and having them cooperate throughout the whole show.

7. Move Metal with Magic

This is a fairly simple magic trick that only requires a small magnet, a Styrofoam plate, and a paper clip. Place the paper clip on top of the plate and have your child put the magnet in their hand beneath the plate. As they move their hand around, the paper clip will mysteriously move as well.

8. Roll the Bills

Take a one dollar bill and five dollar bill, place them perpendicular to one another (with the one dollar bill overlapping the corner of the other), and begin rolling from the corner of the “V” shape. Once you roll them completely, the bill that was originally on top will have traded places, and as you unroll them it will seem as if the bills “magically” switched spots.

9. Disappearing Coin

Try this fun magic trick: wrap the fingers of one hand with a rubber band, grab a handkerchief and a quarter, and convince the audience you’ll make the quarter disappear. Place the quarter on top of the hand with the rubber band, and set the handkerchief on top. As you pull the handkerchief away, let the band slide off your fingers, trapping the quarter with it in a piece of fabric. When done correctly, the coin will have disappeared into the handkerchief.

10. Make the Coin Disappear Again

To make a quarter disappear in a different fashion, place the coin in the fingertips of one hand, and go to grab for it with the other hand. Instead of grabbing it though, let the coin slip into the base of your hand with no one seeing it, all the while pretending that your second hand took hold of it. With your second hand closed, blow on the outside of your fingers, and open up your palm to show that the coin has completely disappeared!

Have Fun with Magic Tricks

This year, add a bit of magic fun into the lives of your children. And to create a bit of illusion with your kids, try these ten easy magic tricks to wow the world.


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