10 Math Activities For Kids

While math is a necessary subject in school, it can be a great tool to use with your child to help them learn in all areas of life. Math skills are important and can be used each day in a variety of situations, and things such as basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication are equally as useful.

But not all children learn math the same way, and many can strongly benefit from the inclusion of fun math activities for kids in an everyday routine. So if you want to have some fun with numbers, here are ten great math activities for kids that all add up to fun!

1. Thinking of a Number

Like the game twenty questions, think of a number from 1-100 (or 1-10, or 1-50 – it depends on your child’s level) and have your child guess what it is. They can ask questions such as, “is it greater than fifty? Is it less than twenty?”

2. Count the Change in Your Pocket

For some fun with money, have your child count the number of coins you have in your pocket, and lay them all out in a row. If they are advanced, see if they can count the worth of them all together (you may need to help them with this).

3. Math Games

There are plenty of math games available for children of all ages. Number Ninjas is a fun and easy-to-learn math board game that will have your children counting and adding up like math masters!

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4. Finger Puppet Numbers

This is a great math activity for kids that haven’t yet memorized the numbers. Create small finger puppets out of cloth or paper and decorate them with colors or other accessories. Then, label each one with a number from 1-10. Give each a personality, and have them talk to your child so they can memorize the numbers in this range.

5. Who is Oldest?

This works well with children who can count at least to ten. In your family, have them learn everyone’s age, and decide who is oldest and who is youngest. Then, do the same with their friends and relatives, and arrange each member according to their age.

6. Bath in the Tub

This is a great activity for toddlers. The next time you give them a bath, bring with some floating plastic numbers (these can usually be found at a toy store). Place them in the tub, and have your child play with their new number toys – be sure to talk to them about what each one represents.

7. Food Math

The next time you eat dinner, have your child count up what they have on their plate. This is easiest with fruits or vegetables, or other foods that can be easily distinguished.

Or, if you don’t want them making a mess, get them the Count ‘Em Up Popcorn toy. These large pieces of popcorn come with numbered buckets and are a great way to practice numbers as your child plays with their food.

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8. Grocery Store Math

There are so many numbers in a grocery store – now it’s time to take advantage! You can have your child recite the name of each number, or have them do basic math to count up the cost of your trip.

9. Math in Time

Another great way to practice math is by using time tables. Ask your child what time it is, and then ask them what time it will be one (or four, or five, etc.) hour later or before.

10. How Many Days Until?

If there is a big event coming up, have them look at a calendar and count the days until it arrives. You can do this with birthdays, major holidays, or any other important day in your family’s future.

Have Fun With Math

Math is one of the most important subjects in a child’s life. Use these easy math activities every day to have some fun and practice math skills with your child.


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