3D Art Projects for Kids

Creating different masterpieces of kids art can be one of the must fun and educationally rewarding experiences for your children. Through kids arts and crafts, your children can use their full imaginative powers to create the works of their choosing!

But this week, don’t just have your kids put colors and paints on a page to make a traditional craft – instead, try these few fun 3D kids art projects to have them build a work of art with their own two hands!

Soap Sculpture

If your child is old enough, then whittling a sculpture out of a piece of regular ivory soap will be the most fun you have had in ages! Take a butter knife and a piece of soap, and let your kids choose their own idea. Once you have a design, have your child begin by carving away small pieces at first. As they get the hang of it, they can begin moving at their own pace, working to create their own piece of soap art. And it’s inexpensive, too – ivory soap can often cost as little as fifty cents for a bar, so buy a whole bag full and get ready for an afternoon of fun.

Pipe Cleaner Creatures

These wonderful little cleaning devices can be quickly turned into play toys for the children that you love. Grab a bag full of different colored pipe cleaners, and set them all in a row. Then, using a few different ones, twist them together into the shapes of people, animals, or any other objects that you would like.

If you want to get really creative with this kids art project, you can get some glue and add on extra objects like googly eyes, string, or whatever else you want.

Nature Diorama

This is a great option for the school-aged children that love to play outdoors in nature. For this you will need a simple shoebox. Start by choosing a scene – one of the easiest options is a forest background. You can create easy scenery by making trees, grass, and even rocks by cutting them out of different colored construction paper and gluing them to the sides of the box.

Then, you can create animals, people, or other objects by using either papier-mâché, or by playing with clay or even play dough. Encourage your child to be as creative as possible and have them include anything they would like in this wonderful nature scene.

Hanging Paper Snowflakes

Since the winter weather is already here, why not get your house in the mood by cutting up a few great pieces of holiday art?

For a hanging paper snowflake chain, start by folding up a piece of wrapping or poster paper in equal lengths. Then, search for a design you like either in a kids’ art book or even on the Internet. Draw this design on the outside of one of the ends of the paper, cut along it, and unfold your paper to reveal a chain of dazzling flakes that you can hang anywhere in your home!

Make 3D Kids Art Projects Today

Arts and crafts projects can provide unlimited fun for your children as they start the new school year. And this year, take things to the next level by making 3D art projects together that will look good in the house for years to come!


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