4 Dazzling (and Sparkly!) Toys for Your Little Decorator

The desire to decorate their bedrooms, playrooms, and other rooms throughout the house is an inherent characteristic in girls of all ages, even those as young as two or three. To be sure, little girls love bright colors and different tones and textures and often wish to put them together in a variety of different patterns on the walls in their very own homes.

Of course, it may not be sensible to allow your little girl to decorate your home with any colors and patterns she likes, as this may leave you with somewhat of a mess to clean up and no consistency throughout your home. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should quell her artistic creativity and her passion for decorating using arts and crafts toys and supplies. Instead, if your little girl wants to pursue a career as a decorator when she is older, or simply finds it fun to play with decorating supplies, consider bringing home these four children’s decoration toys and get ready to have a blast with arts and crafts this fall with the daughter you love.

children’s decoration toys

Make Beautiful Dresses Out of Glitter

Your school-aged child may not have enough time, dexterity, or experience to create a full-size dress that she can show off to her friends at school. However, she can still create a dazzling and sparkling dress this autumn using the Glitter Dresses Art Projects arts and crafts set that is a perfect kids’ decoration toy for little girls ages eight and up. To be sure, this delightful toy for decorators will bring a smile to the face of any girl who loves to create beautiful and sparkly creations.

What makes this children’s decoration toy so dazzling? Most importantly, it comes with four separate artboards, as well as step-by-step instructions to help walk your daughter through the process of making the entire board glitter. In only a short period of time your daughter will have created a beautiful masterpiece that is sparkling with glitter. And best of all, the top acts as a convenient tray to help keep everything clean and tidy.

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Get Lost in the Magic Castle

Does your little girl love the idea of becoming a princess who lives in her very own fairy castle? If so, then she will certainly love the Magneti’Stick Princess arts and crafts for kids. This lovely toy for little decorators brings a whole new world of adventure to life in a medieval castle. This fun arts and crafts toy comes with a castle mural wall sticker, as well as reusable fairy tale magnets that can be moved around to create different stories. This fun children’s decoration toy inspires imagination, encourages creativity, and is perfect for little girls who love to play with crafts.

toys for little decorators

More Fun with Glitter

Does your little girl just love to play with glitter? Then it may be time to consider bringing home the Glitter Glamour set for her today. This creative toy for decorators is similar to a paint by numbers set that allows your little girl to develop beautiful and sparkling works of art by following a simple step by step set of instructions on the paper in front of her. This wonderful toy includes four sticky pictures, seven tubes of glitter, one brush and one push tool, all that can be used to create murals covered in glitter. This is the perfect toy for any little girl who loves things that sparkle!

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A House Full of Dolls

Every little girl needs a dollhouse wherein she can keep her prized collection of beautiful dolls. And if you want to surprise your little decorator with a wonderful dollhouse this year, don’t hesitate to come home with the Daisy Girls Dollhouse before the holidays. This toy is one of the best options for any girl that loves creativity and lots of color.

What sets this toy above the rest for a little decorator? For one, it includes four dolls and two pets who can all live together inside of the house. In addition to this, however, it also comes complete with 130 outfit components that are interchangeable and can be used to design the wardrobes of the individual dolls. Your little girl can double as a fashion designer and as an interior decorator when picking and choosing the various outfits for the dolls to wear throughout the day, and when making alterations to the inside of this beautiful dollhouse for girls over the age of three.

Wonderful Toys for Little Decorators

Does your little girl love to play with arts and crafts supplies and decoration toys? If so, make sure to surprise her one day this year with one or more of these delightful toys for and her imagination and creativity to good use.

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