4 Manners Parents Should Be Teaching Children

4 Manners Parents Should Be Teaching Children

There are a variety of manners that our parents taught us when we were children in our youth. To be sure, many of us may remember our parents demanding that we take our elbows off the table during dinner, or asking us multiple times to remove our hats when we went inside the house.

Of course, some of these may seem outdated now, but those requests likely helped shape us into the adults we are today. And one thing is for certain: it is up to us, as parents, to teach our own children manners so that they will one day grow up to be upstanding citizens as well.

Are you unsure of which manners parents should be teaching children at home? While many others are important, these lost manners children should be taught are timeless and should be understood by your little ones at a very young age.

1. Everyone Deserves Respect

This is, perhaps, the most important manner that children should adopt. Everyone deserves respect, regardless of their age or station in life. Sadly, this seems to be overlooked by individuals, both young and old, for whatever reason. Some may believe that their personal wealth, their age, or even their appearance elevates them to some level where respect for others is not necessary. On the contrary, however, everyone should be shown respect, and by all members of society.

And this same rule should always be applied when dealing with elders. To be sure, some children, either in school or at home, may find it acceptable to talk back to teachers or disrespect coaches. Children should know the importance of respecting all individuals.

2. Pointing and Staring is Not Always Polite

As a child, staring is almost instinctual. Children may see something funny, odd, scary, or even slightly interesting, and stare at it for moments on end. Some children will even point at it to show others, either their friends or their parents.

Of course, because it is almost so instinctual for children to stare, this type of behavior shouldn’t necessarily be punished. That being said, we live in a society in which pointing and staring may be considered rude; as such, as a parent speak with your child about this societal norm and teach him or her that after looking, it is more polite to simply look away and notice other issues.

3. Say Please and Thank You

This may ultimately seem like an obvious manner parents should teach kids starting at a very young age. And to be sure, it is certainly one that has been passed through the ages; it is often the first manner that parents taught their little ones generations ago.

But even if it is a timeless manner, you should still make an effort to present this to your child as one of the most important things that he or she should remember when making requests or when showing gratitude. To be sure, while saying “please” and “thank you” may seem like small (or even unnecessary) formalities, they make others feel appreciated and comfortable. Take time this year to teach your child this lost manner children should be taught.

4. Remain Empathetic

Ultimately, this last concept is not so much of a lost manner children should be taught, but instead an idea that you should help your children keep in mind when dealing with other individuals on a day to day basis. Empathy is a wonderful emotion and one that can help your children understand the actions and behaviors of others, from their friends, to their classmates and teammates on sports programs, to even their other family members like their parents or siblings.

The concept in general revolves around a simple few simple questions: how does this person feel? Why is he or she acting in this manner? What could have happened to make him or her act this way? Often times it may seem like others are being cruel or rude for no reason at all, or that they are being discourteous or mean just for the sake of it. When you dig beneath the surface, however, you may discover that these emotions they display or actions they perform stem from something else in their life.

This emotional concept can work wonders for your children. It will certainly help them understand the actions and behaviors of other, at which point they can remain respectful and react accordingly given the situation.

Manners Parents Should Teach Kids

There are far too many manners parents should be teaching children to list on a single article. But if you want your children to remain respectful and to grow up to be upstanding individuals, make sure to impart on them this knowledge and teach them these lost manners.

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