4 Popular Toys from the 1980s

There is no doubt that the 1980s constituted one of the most fun and exhilarating decades in recent history. The crazy hair, the intense music, and the advent of modern computers and video games all helped contribute to the establishment of a new, fast-paced society. And the chaos wasn’t limited to pop culture; to be sure, the 1980s saw a widespread change in order across the world, including many pivotal events whose effects can be felt to this day.

Of course, children born in the 1980s may not remember the advent of glam metal or the fall of the Berlin Wall, but instead may simply retain fond memories of the toys that filled their playrooms during their most developmental years. And at Imagine Toys®, we want to take a quick trip back in time and take a look at some of the most popular toys from the 1980s, and help you provide your little ones with a similar experience today.

Rare and Popular Toys from the 1980s

Pogo Balls

Do you remember turning on the television and catching a glimpse of the Pogo Ball, a piece of equipment whose popularity was exponentially increased by its incredible commercials? The Pogo Ball was a popular toy from the 1980s that helped encourage physical activity and fun in a crazy new way.

The layout of the Pogo Ball was simple; this popular toy from the 80s included a bouncy ball in the middle, surrounded by a ring of plastic big enough for children to stand on. Using this, kids were encouraged to stand on the ring and jump up and down, bringing the ball with them. This provided an extra spring in the jump, allowing kids to jump higher and farther than before.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could surprise your child with this popular toy from the 1980s? Now you can do exactly that with the Pogo Hop from Imagine Toys®. This awesome toy is just like its predecessor in the 1980s and will help both you and your children share in the fun.

rare toys from 1980s


The world of children’s arts and crafts took a creative turn with the creation of Lite-Brite in the 1980s. This spectacular art toy combined the world of technology with arts and crafts and allowed children to craft masterpieces using an entirely new medium.

What, exactly, was the Lite-Brite and why was it one of the most popular toys from the 80s? This toy came with a blackboard with tiny individual holes in numerous rows and columns. In addition, the toy also included numerous colorful pegs that could fit into the holes on the board. Of course, the toy also came with a light bulb within; when the bulb was illuminated, the pegs lit up as well, making the peg ‘drawing’ appear as if it was creating with LEDs.

And if you loved the Lite-Brite in the 1980s, you can bring back the fun and share it with your children with the Lite-Brite kids’ set from Imagine Toys®. This cool toy is just like the original and will allow you and your little ones to create your very own illuminated masterpiece.

popular toys from 1980s


While the Lite-Brite may have been one of the most popular arts and crafts toys of the 1980s, it certainly shared the space with the Spirograph, an imaginative drawing toy that helped children create a variety of crazy designs. Using a variety of geometric shapes, children were able to draw brilliant designs of interconnected lines in numerous ways. Originally the Spirograph was used by mathematicians in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; however, it was eventually manufactured for children, and instantly became a hit.

We realize how much fun it was to play with this popular toy from the 1980s, which is why we offer the Spirograph Design Set, a kids’ toy modeled exactly after this great toy from the 80s. Bring this home today and reminisce with your little ones about the fun you once had as a child.

popular toys from the 80s

Other Rare Toys from the 80s

There is no doubt that the 1980s was filled with great toys for kids. Take, for example, the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit; this clever kids’ toy helps little ones create a variety of different fashion designs, and includes 20 pieces of paper, 15 rubbing plates, and much more. Any aspiring fashion designer can pick up this fashion design set and use it to take the very first steps in their career. Certainly, this toy provides enhanced opportunities for children of a new generation.

A Trip Back in Time

Those individuals born in the 1980s often have fond memories about the toys they once used in their playrooms. And now, you can share in this delight with your children by bringing home one or more of these awesome toys for kids.


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