4 Fall Sports Activities for Kids

With the fall finally arriving, it’s time to say goodbye to endless hours of outdoor fun with the children, and start getting ready instead to send the little ones back to the classroom. But just because the kids will be in school for most of the day, doesn’t mean that they can’t still get their fill of sports and exercise in their free time. In order to keep your kids happy and healthy in the later months of the year, sign them up for these four fall sports as the school year starts.

1. Baseball

Not only is baseball an American pastime, it is also one of the most rewarding sports for children to play. Baseball (or softball) demands a significant amount of hand-eye coordination, it requires speed and agility, and the sport can teach children about the importance of working together as a team.

And if your child wants to work on their throwing arm this fall, let them use their new 2-in-1 Sports Trainer from Imagine Toys®. This sweet new sports toy will encourage active play and will help improve accuracy on the baseball diamond.

Baseball side of the 2-in-1 Sports Trainer available at imaginetoys.com

2. Football

As long as it is played in a safe environment, football can also be an extremely beneficial sport for your child to play. Not only is football a great way for your child to get involved on a team, but the act of sprinting down the field will increase your little one’s speed and strength, as well as their cardiovascular capacity. And lucky for your little one, the 2-in-1- Sports Trainer doubles as a sports toy that can be used for football, as well. Of course, make sure that your kids are being safe during active play, and avoid letting them participate in any full-contact situations.