6 Kids’ Fourth of July Activities

Independence Day in the United States of America is the biggest holiday of the summer, and the perfect time to gather together the whole family for a celebration of your own. And in order to make sure the gathering is fun for the kids as well, it is important to set up a few activities that the little ones will love.

For a Fourth of July this year, try these six simple kids’ activities that are fun for the family:

1. Sidewalk Chalk American Flag

Before the big day arrives, head to a local art store and pick up a few packets of sidewalk chalk, preferably containing the colors red, white, and blue. On the day of, give your kids the chalk, as well as a picture of the American flag, and have them recreate their own version with their friends.

2. Obstacle Course

Because you’ll probably be outside in a park or in your backyard with friends, set up an obstacle course through which your children can run, including benches, tables, and even small cones if you have them.

3. Pin the Stripes on the Flag

This is a fun new version of a classic party game. Have the kids create a poster board version of the American flag without the tradition stripes. Then, with either felt red and white stripes or paper ones that you have printed out, line the kids up, blindfold them, and see who can pin the stripes in the closest position.

4. Try Playing Bocce Ball

Although it is not a very common game in the United States, it is one of the most fun activities that you can play with the whole family, and is incredibly easy for kids to learn. All you need is a bocce ball set and some open grass. Bocce ball is very similar to croquet and bowling, and requires a bit of skill and planning, and is guaranteed to be a ton of fun.

5. Independence Day Quiz Kids’ Activity

Kids love to learn new things, so why not take the Fourth of July as the perfect opportunity to teach them about our nation’s history? Come up with a few simple quiz questions that won’t stump the children, and give them as long as they need to answer them. Make sure to give them fun resources to help them out in their search, including kids’ history books that hold the answers.

6. Sing a Song on Fourth of July

There are so many songs that represent American independence and patriotism, and there is no better time than Fourth of July to learn one with the kids and sing it as a family. Search the internet for the lyrics to one of these tunes, and find an audio version as well. Play it during your family barbeque and have everyone sing along.

July 4th Fun for Kids

July 4th is a great day to get the family together and celebrate with one another. And to make sure the day will provide plenty of fun for kids as well, try these six great activities that the little ones will love.


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