5 Aeronautical Toys for Your Little Aviator

The wonder of flight is a truly incredible concept. The idea that with the correct amount of propulsion, as well as a body structure specifically designed in an aerodynamic manner, an aircraft can take off and soar through the air shows just how fascinating the scientific world truly is.

And, of course, if the power of flight is miraculous to us as adults, it is certainly doubly so for children who may see birds and airplanes above and believe they are witnessing a miracle. To be sure, many little ones are intrigued and mesmerized by planes, birds, bugs, and anything that can fly through the sky with a pair of wings.

Does your child show an interest in flying, or even dream of one day piloting a plane or helicopter? If so, consider bringing home one or more of these five fun aviator toys and get ready to soar through the skies together this year.

Aeronautical Toys for Your Little Aviator

Imagine the Power of Flight

Even if your child isn’t old enough to head to the cockpit and pilot a plane, he or she can still enjoy the wonders of the power of flight through his or her own imagination. With the Makedo Box Kits – Aeroplane, your little one has absolutely everything that he or she needs to command a plane through the sky, but without ever leaving the comfort of your very own living room. This sweet aeronautical toy comes with a cardboard box, as well as kid-friendly cardboard screws to attach wings, a tail and a nose to add a lifelike nature to the vehicle. Let him or her sit down inside the cockpit of this fun toy and watch as he or she takes off into the air.

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Be Ready for Any Emergency

After an accident, if you turn your eyes skyward you will often see an emergency helicopter soaring in overhead, ready to take action and take injury victims to the nearest hospital. To be sure, transport by an emergency helicopter is often the easiest way to move the injured if no other easy routes are available.

And now, your little one can help take part in the process of saving lives with the Rush & Rescue Police Helicopter. This fun toy for aviators looks just like an emergency helicopter that you would witness in the sky, and can be used in your home for playtime emergencies. And best of all, it plays music, rescue sounds, and vocal phrases that your little one will love.

Aeronautical Toys

Bring Along Your Very Own Airport

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your little one had access to his or her toys for aviators wherever you went together, whether you left for vacation, or simple errands around town? Now, you can make this idea a reality with the Airport in a Box toy for kids. This great aviator toy for kids comes with a fold-out wooden airport and wooden airplanes, a helicopter, a runway, and a helipad, as well. Your children can bring this airplane set wherever you go together for guaranteed fun once you open the wooden box.

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Build an Airplane Out of Laser Pegs

Along with aeronautics and flight, is your child interested in other aspects of science? Would he or she jump at the opportunity to construct his or her very own plane while being able to play with basic lasers, as well? With the Laser Pegs Combat Fighter, your child can utilize each piece to construct a light-up combat plane that glows with the power of laser pegs. This awesome toy for little pilots, when connected correctly, will glow in a variety of different colors; with a steady stream of power from the power base, each connected laser peg will feed the next one to help this combat fighter light up the sky.

Build an Airplane Out of Laser Pegs

Fly a Laser Peg Jet Into Space

Your child’s imagination doesn’t need to be limited by the sky – instead, he or she can take his dreams of flight far off into space with the Laser Pegs Space Fighter. This great aeronautical toy for kids provides your little ones with enough materials to craft up to 15 different plane or jet models, including a transatmospheric fighter that is ready to jet off well above the atmosphere of Earth. It comes with 20 laser pegs, 82 construction parts, triangle power base and a peg cord, along with instructions to make sense of the whole process for your little one. Craft a new laser space fighter together this year with this fun flight toy for kids.

Witness the Power of Flight with Your Children

Don’t let your children’s dreams remain on the ground if he or she hopes to one day fly above the clouds. Instead, bring home one or more of these awesome flight toys and get ready to soar off into the sky together as a family.


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