The 5 Best Educational Toys

Best Educational Toys

From the moment they first open their eyes, children begin learning about the world around them. And at Imagine Toys®, we believe one of the best ways to facilitate this learning process is through the use of a variety of educational toys for your kids to play with.

Of course, not all educational toys are the same, with some providing greater benefits than others. And if you are searching for a few great options for your little ones, grab one of these five best educational toys from our online store today.

1. Alpha Catch

If your little one is just learning his or her ABCs, there is no better toy than the Alpha Catch from Imagine Toys® to help speed up the process. This fantastic sports-themed toy combines physical activity with a learning lesson that your child will love. The toy comes with sticky catchers’ mitts, as well as soft, self-stick balls that contain the letters of the alphabet. Your kids will have a blast learning and reciting the ABCs with this top educational toy.

2. Nancy B’s Binoculars

Is your child curious about all of the wonderful phenomena present in nature? If so, then bring out the inner scientist in him or her with the fun NancyB’s Binoculars science toy. This top educational toy lets your child examine birds, bugs, and everything else that nature has to offer.

3. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Improve your child’s strategic thinking, matching, and sorting skill with the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, a top educational toy for kids ages three and up. This game is simple to learn, yet challenging enough to ensure your child will benefit from the educational experience.

The premise is simple: players must help their hungry squirrels forage for food by filling their logs with acorns that match the colored holes in the wood. Along the way players will face a variety of different squirrels, and the first to fill up their hole wins!

4. Kings and Castles: Medieval Europe

Get lost in another time and place with the fun Kings and Castles: Medieval Europe set from Imagine Toys®. This exciting kids toy is 68 different wooden blocks that can be combined together to create a magical castle. Children can spend a few hours constructing the castle, and endless time engaged in pretend play once it is fully finished. This toy is great for kids that love history, as well as those that are interested in construction and engineering.

5. BBQ Blitz

It’s time for a barbecue in the backyard with the new BBQ Blitz toy! With this toy, kids flip miniature burgers to find others that match the condiments that appear on their play plates. But there’s a twist: there are no turns, and children play at the same time!

Try These Best Educational Toys

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Head to the online store today to grab one of these great top educational toys for the little one you love.

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