5 Family Fun Way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

family ways to celebrate news years eve

The beginning of the new year is one of the most exciting times for families. To be sure, it signals the start of endless possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead in the coming 12 months. It provides somewhat of a clean slate, and for many families it is an impetus to create a set of resolutions to follow to help live a happier and healthier life.

Of course, the new year is also the perfect time to celebrate, with many families having small parties or performing other exciting activities to recognize the occasion with their little ones. So this year, don’t let the 1st of January arrive without trying something new; instead, consider these family ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve to help you and the children end the year with a bang.

Dress Up for a Party – at Home!

Heading out to a party or other celebration in town is a wonderful reason to put on some of your finest attire (or even a costume, if the occasion requires). However, even if you plan on staying at home with the kids, you can still mimic the fun of a fancy event by getting dressed up in nice outfits together. You can have your children dress up in suits and ties and dresses; or, if you would rather let them go wild, have them put on their favorite pretend play costumes, instead. Putting on fancy or silly clothes and costumes can add some excitement into an otherwise cozy night at home with the family.

Plan an Exciting Summer

For many of us, December 31st may be far too early to plan vacations and other events for the coming summer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and let our imaginations run wild. This New Year’s Eve, sit down with the kids and let everyone list a few fun and crazy ideas they have for the upcoming year. For example, you can plan a trip around the world with the kids, where you’ll see exotic animals, visit ancient locations, and see places yet to be discovered. While these vacation or event ideas may not be realistic, this family way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is excellent for utilizing your imagination and for letting your kids be creative.

Teach Your Kids to Dance – and Create a New Family Dance

Do your little ones love to move and shake each and every time they hear music come on the speakers? If so, put on some of your favorite tunes and teach them a dance that you love. You can show them the steps to the salsa, the fox trot, the waltz, line dancing, or even something more modern that the family can enjoy together. And if your children enjoy these dances, consider creating a new dance with the family that you can call your own. Try adding in some basic steps that are simple for the children to learn; then once you have mastered that, include a few additional arm and hand motions as well. And if your children catch on quickly, you can even record a video of the family dancing together to have as a keepsake for the coming years.

Cook a Feast

Many families love to celebrate events with delicious meal surrounded by close friends and other loved ones. And why should New Year’s Eve be any different? For a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kids this year, plan a three, four, or even five-course meal that you can cook and eat together as a family. And for an added twist, let everyone participate in the selection process, including the little ones. Every member of the family should be allowed the opportunity to choose a dish (within reason); doing this will ensure all of those at the table are greeted with a food they love.

Start a New Tradition

Finally, one of the best ways to ring in the new year with the family is simply by trying something new together and starting a tradition that your little ones can follow for generations to come. For example, you can sing a song together when the clock strikes midnight, paint pictures of your favorite backyard scenes, or even play a game that you invent together on New Year’s Eve. All of these can provide you with fun as you celebrate the new year, and can turn into a tradition that you continue for years in the future.

Family Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Now is the time to plan for a family New Year’s Eve that the entire clan will enjoy. Don’t wait until the last minute; instead, try these five great and simple activities to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family.

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