5 Lively Toys for Outdoorsy Environmentalist Kids

Some children seem to feel a special bond with the natural world around them. They feel more at home climbing trees or playing in the dirt than they do in their own playroom, and they are always looking for a way to spot birds in the sky, or protect bugs in their natural habitat.

Children who display this type of behavior are wonderful, as they demonstrate sensitivity and a desire to protect our beautiful planet. However, it may be difficult to entertain them with regular toys, as they may rather leave the playroom and head outside

Are you looking for a few great toys to satisfy your outdoor child? If so, consider these five great toys for outdoorsy kids that are perfect for burgeoning environmentalists.

5 Lively Toys for Outdoorsy Environmentalist Kids

Protect the Trees

Slacklining is an extremely popular activity that outdoor children love; however, a little environmentalist child may avoid setting up a slackline in the backyard because of the potential damage that it could cause to the trees on both ends.

This year, your outdoorsy child does not need to worry anymore; instead, he or she can have a blast slacklining and protecting the environment by using the Tree Huggerzz Tree Protector Kit . This awesome toy for environmentalist kids is perfect for use with outdoor slacklines; it comes with two felt protectors, an adjustable elastic strap, and eight wood stays to help keep the slackline in place. This fun toy will protect the trees from abrasions and damage while still allowing your little one to have some outdoor fun.

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Save an Animal’s Life

Many environmentalist children often dream of one day becoming a veterinarian and saving the lives of animals in need. But your child no longer has to wait until adulthood for this to become a reality; instead, you can surprise him or her with the Jungle Animal Hospital , which is always in need of a skilled and dedicated animal doctor. This fun toy for outdoorsy kids includes a giant animal hospital big enough to house plenty of animals who need medical treatment, and comes with an observation tower to spot others in the jungle, as well as an x-ray machine, two double-sided x-rays, an animal trolley, and a stretcher. Any small animal figures will feel right at home in this great jungle hospital.

Wilderness Telescope + Compass

Search and Scope Out Wildlife

Spotting wildlife in its natural habitat is truly a magnificent experience. To be sure, there are few things more beautiful than seeing a hawk soar around the clouds, or witnessing a moose or elk walk along a river with its young. And this year, your child can be the first to spot all of this natural wonder with the Wilderness Telescope + Compass set. This awesome toy comes with a wilderness telescope with a 10x25 magnification, a protective carrying case, a snap-link carabineer, and a mini compass. You can head out into nature together (either in a local park, or even in a national forest), and try to spot as many animals in their natural surroundings. Little environmentalists will cherish the opportunity to witness real wildlife with this fun toy for kids.

Wilderness Lantern

Light Up the Night

Any outdoorsy child knows that it certainly gets dark outdoors in the middle of the night. And while this may be perfect for stargazing and telling stories, it’s certainly difficult to find your way through a forest, or even to and from a tent, without a little bit of light to guide the way. Now, however, you can provide a glowing pathway wherever you need to go with the outdoor Wilderness Lantern for kids. This awesome toy is crank operated and has a built-in compass and alarm whistle for emergencies, and is perfect for a nature walk at night.

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Play with a Wooden Block Set

There are some times when a child simply can’t head outdoors to play. It may be raining outside, or you may need to run errands together; either way, it’s important to have games and activities to keep him or her busy. And with the Tegu Pocket Pouch l Jungle , you can make your outdoorsy child feel right at home wherever you go. This delightful toy for kids comes with six tinted wooden blocks, along with a durable pouch. The blocks are eco-friendly, and come with magnets inside, which allows them to stick together in various shapes. And best of all, they are made with mature Honduran hardwoods harvested by local cooperatives certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, demonstrating their association with sustainability and protection of the planet.

Try These Great Toys for Outdoorsy Kids

Is your little one always looking for a way to get outdoors and play? If so, then don’t hesitate to bring home one or more of these five great toys for environmentalist kids and get ready to have a blast in nature. 

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