5 New Activity Ideas When You’re Snowed In

things to do when you are snowed in

Being snowed into the house may mean that you get the whole day to spend inside; however, in that case, it is likely that the kids are stuck at home as well, a situation in which many parents find themselves scrambling to find entertaining activities and games that will help the day pass by. To be sure, the relaxation of a snow day can quickly nosedive if the kids get bored with nothing to do.

So this year, don’t let a heavy snowstorm arrive without preparing yourself with a few fun games and activities that you can try together as a family. Simply keep in mind these five things to do when you are snowed in that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Make Some Exciting Arts and Crafts

On a snowy day, few things are quite as exciting for the children as arts and crafts activities. Arts and crafts certainly provide a host of wonderful snow-day activities, from building little sculptures out of different types of clay, drawing pictures with crayons, markers, pencils, or other utensils, painting pictures with watercolors or other paints, or anything else that you can imagine. You can let your children try their hands at knitting and/or weaving, creating charms for a charm bracelet, or a number of other non-traditional arts and crafts activities that your kids will enjoy. And best of all, arts and crafts activities will help your children explore their imagination and get creative when they are stuck inside the house.

2. Play Some Music

Do your kids love to sing and dance around the house at every opportunity they get? If so, then a snowy day may be the perfect time for you to try out one of your new kids’ music & dance toys that you can pick up online today. Your can have your little ones develop their musical abilities by learning how to tap out rhythms on a tin drum, play the beginnings of a symphony on a little grand piano, or make some beautiful melodies with a tiny guitar. They can even try out an accordion, a ukulele, and other fun instruments and music toys for kids.

3. Play Dress Up Games

If your children already love to play dress up and engage in pretend play, then there is no better time to enjoy this type of entertainment than on a snowy day when you are stuck inside the house. Because there may be few things to keep them busy indoors on a snow day, children may be forced to explore the depths of their imagination and creativity and use these both to enjoy themselves.

And if you want to enhance the pretend play experience this year, bring home a fun pretend toy for your little ones. You can surprise your kids with a brand new doll, a soft pirate sword, a chef dress up set, a makeup station, and so much more that they can use at home. Having fun with these games and activities is a great thing to do on snow days.

4. Try a New Game or a Puzzle

Don’t get stuck during a snow day this year without plenty of kids’ games & puzzles to keep the little ones happy and entertained. Instead, consider bringing home one or more of the many amazing puzzles and games available today. If your children are interested in geography or just love to learn new things, surprise them with the Great States Board Game on a snow day. Or if they prefer more active games that let them swing their arms around, you may want to let them test their abilities with the Deluxe Kendama, an awesome kids’ toy that your little ones will truly love.

5. Write a Story

Finally, one of the easiest and best ways to pass time during a snow day is to break out a pencil and a piece of paper and write a story together as a family. Writing a story together allows you to fully utilize your creative spirits, while working on various educational concepts, such as the development of vocabulary and a deeper understanding of grammar.

Many children may be bursting with ideas and different ways for the story to begin. However, if your child is slightly more apprehensive, consider writing down the beginning yourself, and having your little one carry on from there. And you can always make it more collaborative by giving each member of the family a chance to write a new paragraph, sentence, or even word.

What to Do When You’re Snowed In

Are you looking for a few great things to do when you are snowed in to help prepare for a snow day this year? If so, don’t hesitate to try these five fun snow-day activities that are perfect for the whole family.

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