5 New Family Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

5 New Family Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day is a true time for celebration for families throughout the United States. Of course, Labor Day is a holiday meant to commemorate the hard work of laborers throughout the world, as well as a day dedicated to the creation of the labor movement and its accomplishments. However, many families nationwide also treat it as a way to relax with loved ones and spend quality time during a day away from the office or school.

There are certainly many traditional ways to celebrate Labor Day that act as go-to options for numerous families nationwide. However, this summer, we invite you to consider a few new ways to celebrate Labor Day with family that you may not have considered before. So this year, break away from the old, and try these five fun ways to celebrate Labor Day with the family member you love.

1. Learn About the History of Labor Day

It’s to be expected that many children don’t know the entire history of Labor Day. To be sure, many little ones understand that it’s a day off of school, but they may not recognize its importance to the United States. Even many parents may not have a full understanding of its history, either.

This year, consider changing that in your family by picking up a book on Labor Day from the library (before the weekend) and sitting down together to discover the holiday’s rich history. And if you can, try to seek out a children’s book that allows you to trade off reading together as a family. This is a wonderful way to learn about our nation’s history while celebrating Labor Day.

2. Dress Up and Have an Adventure

Do your children love to play dress up throughout the year? If so, then consider engaging in this delightful activity as a family this year to guarantee some family fun on Labor Day. By playing dress up together, you can get lost in your own imaginations and bond together over this activity your children enjoy.

To begin, your kids may need costumes, such as the Veterinarian Dress Up Set. And to participate, you, as parents, will also need to find a costume for yourselves; you can do this by picking up a costume from a shop, or getting creative with the clothes you already have at home.

Once you have your costumes on, the fun begins. Lead your children through a storyline together, or let their ideas run wild and simply follow behind. This should provide hours of family fun on Labor Day that everyone is sure to love.

3. Make a New Recipe Together

Many families take time on Labor Day to have a backyard barbecue together with American food staples, including grilled meat, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. But while that may sound tasty, don’t rule out the option of making a new recipe together as a family. Choosing this route will let everyone work together in the kitchen crafting something that is guaranteed to be delicious for everyone. You can create a few tasty appetizers to precede the meal, and then make a wonderful main course to celebrate the day together.

4. Volunteer Together

Of course, with a day off of school, many children may be excited to head to the park and play with friends, or even go see a movie with their parents. But while some time should absolutely remain for leisure activities, you should also consider spending time on Labor Day volunteering together as a family. Volunteering your time helps your children understanding the power and necessity of giving back to the community, and doing so on Labor Day ensures that you have the free time to do so. Some of the best places to volunteer together include the local humane society or a homeless shelter.

5. Have a Street Parade

So many other holidays, including Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day, are kicked off with a parade in different parts of the country. Why not do the same thing this year on Labor Day on your very own street? All you need to throw a parade is a few kids in costume some noisemakers, and some energy. You can march down your own street throughout the morning of Labor Day, and even try to gather some of your neighbors to join in on the fun. If all goes well, keep on marching and see how far you can go!

Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Family

Labor Day is a wonderful holiday to spend together as a family. And if you are looking for a few fun ways to guarantee some family fun on Labor Day, try these five great ideas and get ready to have a blast together as a family.

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