5 Princess Dresses for a Fun Dress Up Day

It’s an undeniable fact: young children love to dress up and play pretend. There is something entirely alluring about the chance to put on exotic clothing and imagine a whole new world, filled with adventure. Some children may enjoy dressing up as knights and explore their very own castle while others may wish to dress up as a doctor or firefighter and save the lives of others around the town.

And while you can always play dress up with old clothes or costume props you have lying around the house, there is no better way to increase the fun than by picking up a new set of pretend play clothes that your little ones can enjoy.

So this year, if you are looking for some costumes to bring home to your little girl, or more specifically, dresses to help her become the princess she truly is, head to the Imagine Toys® online store today to bring home these five delightful options for your daughter.

5 Princess Dresses for a Fun Dress Up Day

Ice Queen Dress

The winter may be behind us, with the heat and sunshine eliminating any remaining snow or rain that may still by on the ground. But this doesn’t mean that your little girl can get lost in a world of ice and snow. In fact, with the Ice Queen dress from Imagine Toys®, your little girl can rule over her wintery domain with this beautiful pretend play dress for children. This adorable dress for little girls comes in a charming bright blue color, perfect to wear and get lost in a winter wonderland. Get ready to have a frosty adventure with this fun dress that is available in three sizes for girls of different ages.

Cinderella Princess Dress

Cinderella Dress

Does your little girl love watching Cinderella on the big screen? Does she dream of becoming a real-life version of this princess, waiting for her charming prince to come and sweep her off her feet? With the Cinderella Princess Dress, you can make your little girl feel like royalty for the entire day. This sweet dress also comes in three different sizes and is a wonderful piece of attire to help start your daughter’s pretend play adventure. You can recreate the storyline of Cinderella while your little girl wears this dress or make up your own fairytale together.

Cinderella Day Dress

Cinderella During the Day Dress

Of course, it is widely known that Cinderella was not always dressed up as a beautiful princess. To be sure, the story begins with her working in the house of her stepmother, performing chores every hour of the day. And now, you can bring home the delight of this part of the story with the Cinderella Day Dress from the Imagine Toys® online store. Even this princess had chores to do before she could make it out to the big ball at night. Your little girl can wear this beautiful princess dress while she completes her own chores, or simply have fun dressing up like the royal lady she is.

Sleeping Beauty Dress

Sleeping Beauty Dress

Although not as famous as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty is another Disney princess well-known among girls of all ages. Sleeping Beauty, known as both Princess Aurora and Briar Rose in the tale, was a princess cursed by an evil witch to fall into an eternal sleep on her 16th birthday. As many such fairytales conclude, the princess was saved by a prince who fought valiantly to be by her side.

Sleeping Beauty is truly one of the most charming fairytales of them all. And now your daughter can get lost in the same adventure with the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Dress from Imagine Toys®. This darling outfit comes in a vivid pink and is a favorite of little girls everywhere.

Amulet Princess Dress

Amulet Princess Dress

Not every fairytale princess must be drawn out of a Disney story. In fact, by creating her own world of adventure, your daughter can stretch her imagine and express herself by playing pretend and dress up.

And if you need a cute dress to help your daughter get lost in the world of pretend, consider surprising your little girl with the Amulet Princess Dress this year. This fun dress comes in a bright purple color and is soft and comfortable. Your little girl can mingle with other princesses, talk with animals, and otherwise do what she wishes in her very own pretend world. Let her imagination run wild with this great dress for kids.

The Beauty of Pretend Play

At Imagine Toys®, we believe that engaging in pretend play is an extremely healthy and beneficial activity for kids of all ages. And there is no better way to facilitate imaginative play than by introducing toys to the mix.

Are you looking for a pretend play costume that your daughter will love this year? Don’t hesitate to pick up one of these five princess dresses from the online store today and get lost in the world of imagination. 


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