Kids Bored at Home? 5 Summer Boredom-Busting Toys

Very often, kids are able to entertain themselves using nothing but the power of their imaginations. Of course, if you are a parent, you may have witnessed this in action on numerous occasions; you watch your child in the backyard, and it seems as if he or she is lost in another world having an adventure with pretend characters.

It is truly strange, then, to hear cries from our little ones that they are bored, especially during the summer months when the great outdoors provide a beckoning atmosphere. But, as all parents know, children do get bored, even during the summer, and finding a solution can be extremely difficult.

Have your little ones come to you this summer asking you to provide them with entertainment during their periods of boredom? If so, consider surprising them with these five great toys to get the summer fun started again.

Kids Bored at Home? 5 Summer Boredom-Busting Toys

Get Outside and Geocache

Have your children had the pleasure of trying out the geocaching movement that is sweeping the nation by storm? If not, then make sure to come home today with the Hide & Seek Geocache in your hands. This awesome kids toy promises to offer endless outdoor adventures and a remedy for chronic boredom.

How does it work? This toy comes with a splash-proof GPS unit that is preloaded with 250,000 geocache locations throughout the United States. Using the GPS system, you can help your little ones track down these hidden caches in nature. And once you find them, it is your responsibility to place something new within the geocache for the next participant to find. This is a great way to start a new outdoor excursion with your little ones!

Speed Stack Cups Pack

Stack to the Top

A variety of new recreational activities have recently been transformed into sports that are contested on an international level. And one such sport is competitive cup stacking, an activity your little ones can try this year with the Stack Pack toy. This fun toy for kids comes with everything your children will need to get involved in the activity of cup stacking, including 12 speed stacking cups, a precision timer, a mat, and even an instructional DVD to begin.


Memory Games for Little Kids

Are you looking for a fun game for your toddler that will help bust summer boredom and improve his or her memory and cognitive abilities? If so, don’t hesitate to grab the Seek-a-Boo game as soon as possible. This delightful game is perfect for little ones age 18 months and older and promises to provide an exciting and educational way to enjoy the summer months.

How does this fun game work? The game comes with 36 large “seek me” cards, as well as 36 matching “find me” cards, and the objective of the game is to match all of the former with the latter. To begin, place all of the cards face down on the ground. Then, encourage your toddler to match all of the cards together in the quickest time possible. This is a great game for helping improve vocabulary present on the cards, and to increase memory and motor skills.

Imagination Patterns

Magnets and Imagination

It is rare to find a child that doesn’t love to play with colorful magnets. And now, you can surprise your child with a magnet game that tests his or her artistic abilities as well. The Imagination Patterns toy is perfect for children who love to experiment with shapes and colors to create beautiful masterpieces. This fun toy comes with a set of wooden magnetic shapes that can be placed on the included magnet board in a variety of different ways. Plus, this magnet toy also comes with a set of 50 different design challenges for your little ones to try this summer.

Tenzi Frenzi

Roll the Dice

Summer is one of the best times to take some time and learn a new game with kids. And this summer, you can test your skill at one of the worlds’ fastest dice games with the Tenzi Frenzi toy. This sweet kids’ toy comes with 6 different sets of dice and a deck of 77 different ways to play the fun game of Tenzi. There are so many great ways to enjoy this fun dice game for kids ages seven and older.

Try Something New This Summer

As parents, it is not uncommon for us to hear from our little ones that they are bored and can’t find anything to do throughout the day. And if you hear these claims this summer, don’t fret; instead, try one of these five great boredom-busting kids’ toys. These will help you beat boredom, develop important skills in your little ones, and have tons of fun together as a family until the summer finally comes to an end in the fall. 

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