5 Tantalizing Toys for Your Little Chef

Many children become enchanted by the work of chefs, bakers, and other food artists at a young age. To be sure, the delicious tastes and smells that emerge from mom and dad’s kitchen elicit feelings of warmth and comfort, and lead many little ones to aspire to one day serve their own food to others.

Does your little one squeal with glee each time he or she gets a chance to participate in the kitchen with mom and dad? Or is your child constantly dreaming up food concoctions he or she wishes to create? If so, then it may be time to bring home one of these five great children’s chef toys from Imagine Toys® today to help you cook up a delicious feast together.

Start with Cupcakes

5 Tantalizing Toys for Your Little Chef

It is certainly rare to find a child anywhere that doesn’t love the delicious taste and texture of freshly baked cupcakes. Cupcakes are tiny little tasty treats that provide an incredible burst of flavor with each doughy bites. And with the It’s My Biz Cup-Cakery, your little one can make delicious cupcakes in the comfort of your own kitchen with a convenient and kid-friendly set. This amazing children’s chef toy comes with everything a child could possibly need to bake delicious treats, including a cupcake pan and pastry bags, frosting tips and toothpicks, cupcake liners, and more.

In addition to helping your child learn how to bake, however, this awesome toy is also designed to teach your little one how to start and maintain a small business. It comes with receipts, display stands, costing cards, and even business cards that your little one can use to start his or her very own at-home baking operation.

A Pretend Kitchen for Kids

children’s chef toys

Naturally, after watching you cook dinner for the entire family, your little one may be eager to hop into the kitchen and get in on the action. But, in reality, he or she may get in the way while you’re making the next meal, or it may be too dangerous for him or her to sit on the countertop when you’re cooking up a feast.

But instead of sending your child out of the kitchen, let him or her take part with the awesome Wooden Kitchenette. This sweet children’s food toy gives your little one everything he or she needs to learn the ins and outs of a kitchen, including a stove and oven, pots and pans, and even a refrigerator to keep the food fresh.

Don’t Forget the Salad

children’s food toys

No delicious meal is complete without a heaping salad full of healthy greens to aid in digestion and supply all of the vitamins and minerals you need. And now, your child can learn the importance of healthy eating when you bring home the Leafy Greens Garden Salad. This delightful toy for kid chefs includes 33 different pieces, including pretend olive oil and vinegar containers, a bowl and mixing utensils, and even vegetables that look just like the real thing. Make sure to surprise your child with this fun children’s food toy before the summer ends this year.

Shop for a Delicious Meal

Kids Toy Shopping Cart

Of course, before the food even hits the table for everyone to enjoy, someone has to head to the grocery store and shop for all of the ingredients. And who better to go shopping for everything you need than your little one? With the awesome Let’s Go Shopping Cart, your little one can participate in this fun daily or weekly ritual with you as you head to the store. This fun children’s chef toy looks just like a real shopping cart, one that your child can wheel around and use to carry each and every one of the food items that you may need to create tonight’s delicious meal.

Treats of All Shapes and Sizes

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Some children love to eat ice cream; others love to eat fruits and vegetables; and other still truly love the taste of hamburgers, hot dogs, or pizza. And now, you can let your little one enjoy all of these treats together with the Tasty Treats Play Food Set from Imagine Toys ®. This cute children’s food toy comes with 125 different pieces, ranging from little pieces of pizza, to a variety of beverages, and even condiments like ketchup and mustard. Kids will feel responsible and will achieve a sense of accomplishment when they cook up a delicious pretend meal for the entire family to enjoy together at the kitchen table.

Try These Toys for Kid Chefs

Is your child fascinated by all of the wonderful possibilities that can come out of a real kitchen? If so, consider bringing home one or all of these five awesome children’s chef toys that your aspiring chefs and bakers are sure to love. These toys may help your little ones to one day share their food creations with the entire world.


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