5 Toys for Your Little Princess’ Wild Imagination

After hearing about tales of mythical adventures, many little girls dream of one day being the princess in the castle who eventually meets her knight in shining armor. Of course, while this may be a relatively unrealistic ideal, playing pretend and utilizing the full capabilities of the imagination are healthy and help children both manage their reality and explore their creative nature.

To be sure, your little girl’s dreams of one day becoming royalty may be far off in the future, or entirely far-fetched altogether. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t help her look and feel like a princess in the meantime. In fact, with one or more of these five great princess toys you can help ensure your daughter spends her playtime feeling like a member of the royal family.

Toys for Your Little Princess’ Wild Imagination

Let Her Create Her Very Own Princess Story

Does your little girl love listening to romantic stories involving princesses and adventure? If so, then help her create her very own princess tale this year with the Fairy Tales Story Game for little girls. This great toy for princesses is sure to be a favorite of any little girl who is ready to create her own fairy tale this year.

This fun princess toy comes with 60 different cards that all contain different images, from a castle, to a genie, and even a white steed. These cards are meant to act as inspiration for the creation of the story; your little girl can pick a card, and act out (or write down) what is taking place in the tale at this point in time. Or, parents can even grab the cards at bedtime and make up a fun story to help their daughter go to sleep for the night.

Princess Dress

Help Her Look and Feel Like a Princess

Most little girls love to play pretend and dress up as their favorite characters. To be sure, even absent any fun toys or games, many kids are able to entertain themselves simply by creating scenarios that leap out from their very own imaginations.

And this year, you can add some royal fun into your daughter’s pretend play experience by giving her the Cinderella Princess Dress for girls. This fun dress will certainly bring a smile to the face of your daughter this year.

Open up this toy for princesses and you will find a beautiful white and blue princess dress. Your daughter can wear this dress on special occasions, during playtime with her friends, or even when you take her out to run a few errands. And this is perfect for girls of all ages, as it comes in three different sizes.

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Try a New Princess-Themed Arts and Crafts Project

It is truly rare to find a little girl who doesn’t absolutely love arts and crafts projects. Many girls are truly fascinated by different colors and arts and crafts utensils, and are always interested in trying a new activity that lets them create a masterpiece.

This holiday season, you can let your daughter enjoy both her love for arts and crafts and for princesses by surprising her with the Magneti’Stick Princess toy. This amazing arts and craft princess toy comes with 30 reusable magnets, including nine fairy tale characters and 21 decorative pieces such as a pair of windows a table with an umbrella, and more. These fun reusable magnets can be placed in one location, and then relocated on a whim to create an entirely new scene. Your little girl can help make her fairy tale come to life with this fun arts and crafts toy for kids.

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Let Her Live in the Castle of Her Dreams

A regular home is really no place for a princess in the royal family. In fact, a true princess should be living inside of a mythical castle that is made of stone and is surrounded by a moat for protection.

And now, your little girl can get lost in the castle of her dreams when you give her both the Princess Wedding Castle, as well as the Magical Play Castle. The former comes with two castle towers, balconies, and a grand sweeping staircase where the princess bride can descend for her wedding; and the latter includes stairs, towers, and turrets, and is the perfect location to dream up a fairy tale. Little girls can spend hours playing with either or both of these fun castle toys, getting lost in their imaginations and feeling like true royalty.

Give Your Little Girl the Gift of Royalty This Year

Are you looking for a few great gifts to give your little girl this year to make her feel like a princess? If so, do not hesitate to bring home one or more of these excellent princess toys this year and watch her face light up with joy.


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