5 Jammin’ Toys for America’s Future Rock Stars

It is certainly not uncommon for children to break out into singing or dancing whenever they hear a song come on over the radio or another set of speakers. To be sure, there is something so natural about listening to a catchy tune, and letting yourself move to the beat. This is not lost on kids of all ages, many of whom love music of all varieties.

But while some kids may enjoy listening and dancing, others truly love to create music of their own, and may do so with anything they can find. In fact, we may hear our children making all sorts of sounds, from percussive noises using sticks and rocks, to sweet melodies with kazoos, harmonicas, or even their voices.

Does your little one show an interest in creating music, even at a young age? If so, consider fueling this passion with one or more of these five great rock star toys that will help him or her become a star of the stage.

Toys for Future Rock Stars

Sing Along to the Music Like a Star

While some children love the allure of musical instruments like guitars or pianos, others are satisfied simply by the sounds they can make with their own voice. And if your little one loves to sing, make the experience more fun by surprising him or her with the Sing-Along Star Microphone today. This awesome toy for rock stars comes with a great red toy microphone that features buttons that produce melodies, a drum roll, cheers, and applause. This fun rock star toy is a great way to build your child’s confidence in front of an audience and develop his or her verbal skills, and is certainly an excellent toy to help instill in him or her a love for the world of music.

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A Piano for a Virtuoso

Do you think you may have a budding musical virtuoso on your hands at home? If so, then it may be the perfect time to bring home the Symphonic Grand Piano for your child to test out his or her abilities. This fun toy looks just like a grand piano and has 37 notes, along with eight instrument choices, eight background music choices, eight rhythm selections, and 15 built-in demo songs along which your child can play. Learning music has never been so fun as with this great piano toy for kids.

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Rock Out on a Guitar

Of course, some kids may simply love the idea of holding their very own electric guitar in their hands as they rock out on stage in front of a cheering crowd. And if your child one day dreams of being a lead guitarist, help him or her pursue that future by showing up at home with the Rockin’ in the USA Guitar. This awesome rock star music toy looks just like a real electric guitar with the colors of the United States flag painted on the outside. It also comes with six tunable metal strings that your child can use to rock out at home.

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Jam Out to the Beat

Behind every truly amazing band is a skilled drummer who is tasked with keeping the beat during every song. And if your child has already shown his or her skills on percussion, let him or her pursue this passion with the Beat Boppers Drum Set as soon as possible. This great kids’ music toy comes with a pair of drumsticks designed specifically to fit in the hands of children, as well as a variety of different drum heads for your child to strike. And best of all, this toy also includes two activity modes to teach music and for normal play, as well as flashing lights and eight rhythm sections, tempo control to speed up or slow down the beat, a headset microphone for sing-along fun, and record and playback features for your child to listen to his or her accomplishments.

Jam 'N Keys Guitar

A New Twist on a Guitar

Has your child already mastered the instruments he or she has, and is looking for a new challenge? Or is your little one simply looking for a fun instrument to try to introduce him or her to the world of music? If so, then he or she will likely love the Jam ‘N Keys Guitar. This fun rock star music toy look like a regular guitar, but has eight keys instead of strings on the bridge for a different way of creating music. Get ready to rock out today with this delightful toy for kids.

Make Some Music at Home Today

Are you ready to make some music at home today with your little ones? If so, consider bringing home one or more of these five fun toys for rock stars and get ready to jam out with the kids you love.


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