5 Toys for Play Dates with Guaranteed Fun

Planning a play date for your child isn’t always the easiest endeavor. To be sure, as a parent, you may feel a certain amount of stress before your child’s first play dates, and feel a responsibility to provide both children with a collection of toys that are guaranteed to provide fun.

Of course, we understand how difficult it can be to select the perfect toys for your little ones and their friends. And, as such, we have put together a collection of children’s toys that are specifically designed to encourage cooperation and sharing during a play date. Don’t hesitate to bring home these great play date toys this year to provide endless fun for anyone who comes over to your home.

5 Toys for Play Dates with Guaranteed Fun

Get Ready for a Jammin’ Exercise Party!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine a fun play date toy with physical activities that get your kids up and moving around together? Now you can with the Jammin’ Gym! This awesome toy for play dates is perfect for your little ones to use up some of their energy and get some exercise with a few of their best friends.

How does this toy work? This fun play date toy comes with a small handheld toy in the shape of a workout weight. But it’s so much more than exercise equipment – it plays music and flashes lights, and calls out 65 fun and energizing workout commands that your kids will love. Kids can follow simple commands like jumping jacks, shoulder rolls, and more, and will get your little ones excited about exercise.

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Make Arts and Crafts Out of Clay

Do your little ones love to play with various arts and crafts? If so, then today may be the best day to bring home the fun Clay Charms toy to add some excitement to your child’s upcoming play date. This great toy for play dates allows your little ones to create beautiful pieces of clay jewelry by using step-by-step design guides. Kids first create a charm, then bake it, and finally add the special glaze and attach it to their charm bracelet. These are perfect to make together or trade with other friends!

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Try a Trampoline for Your Hands

Trampolines are a load of fun – and they’re even more excited when they are attached directly to your hands! With the OgoDisk RAQ, your little ones can attach a pair of trampolines directly to their hands and play an awesome game with their best friends.

The purpose of the game is simple: similar to paddle-ball and other such activities, players must use the trampolines attached to their hands to hit a ball back and forth amongst one another. But unlike other games, the hand-trampolines will allow your little ones to send the balls rocketing across a park or gymnasium. And best of all, you aren’t limited to just tennis or racquetballs; instead, you can use this fun toy with water balloons during the summer, or even snowballs during the frigid months of winter. Get ready for a blast!

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Hide Out in the Pirate’s Den

This year, you can let your little ones and a few of their best friends get lost on the high seas and hide out in their own den with the Pirate Den Playhouse for kids. This sweet toy is perfect for little ones who love pretend play and is sure to guarantee a great time for kids ages three and up. This toy stands 54 inches tall and includes two mesh windows, a flap front door, and a carrying case to cart it around the house. Your children will love hiding out in their new secret spot designed specifically for a few seaworthy pirates.

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Seesaw in the House

It’s not always possible to head to the playground. It may be too cold outside, or there may not be enough time to head out of the house; but regardless of the reason, sometimes kids are stuck indoors.

But why not bring the fun of the playground to your child’s very own playground? With the SpiroBouncer for kids, your little ones will never want to leave the home! This awesome toy takes all of the fun of a seesaw and adds a fun twist. Not only does the toy bounce up and down like a regular seesaw, it rotates in a full 360 degrees, allowing your kids to bounce up and down and swing all around. This is a great toy for kids ages 2 to 5 who are ready for some playground fun without leaving the house.

Guarantee a Fun Play Date

Want to guarantee your children have awesome play dates this year? Make sure to bring home one or more of these fun play date toys and get ready for some fun.

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