5 Toys to Fascinate a Young Builder’s Mind

From a very young age, nearly all children are fascinated by the concept of buildings and architectures. To be sure, from the time they are able to wrap their tiny fingers around a small set of wooden blocks, many little ones are experimenting with stacking objects on top of one another to create a primitive structure with nothing more than gravity holding it together. And, of course, as children grow older and develop a greater understanding of building toys and construction in general, they are able to use more complex concepts to create a variety of different structures of all shapes and sizes.

Of course, if your child shows a passion for building and construction from a young age, you can fuel this desire by providing him or her with a host of toys for young builders available for kids. At Imagine Toys®, we have a collection of builders toys your young builders will enjoy. Bring one home today and watch as they construct a masterpiece.

5 Toys to Fascinate a Young Builder’s Mind

Build with Beautiful Glow in the Dark Blocks

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a toy that let your little builder construct something with the lights off? Well, now you can! With the incredible Glow Building Blocks kids’ building set from Imagine Toys®, your little one has everything he or she needs to switch off the lights and have some fun. This sweet building toy for kids over the age of two comes with 30 different pieces that can be used during the day to construct various structures, and make for a great nighttime activity as well, since they all glow in the dark. And best of all, the 11 shapes are easy to grasp for small hands, and will help your little one explore the depths of his or her architectural imagination.

Toys for young builders

Bring Science and Math into the Studio

It is only possible to succeed in the world of architecture and construction if the individual first has a solid grasp of science, technology, engineering, and math. These four basic elements are the building blocks of construction, and will help the architect understand the requirements of a structure, and turn it from an idea into a reality.

Are you interested in finding a way to help your child explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) so that he or she can succeed in building overall? Consider bringing home the Roominate Studio, an awesome toy for young builders that combines these four fields while allowing your child to create a beautiful and livable studio outfitted with real-life moving pieces powered by a battery.

Squigz building toys

A Building Toy with a Wild Imagination

Not all building and construction toys have to include wooden blocks or other similar pieces. In fact, creative toys, like the Squigz Deluxe Kit, those that don’t follow a traditional mold, allow your child to create a variety of different structures using non-traditional methods and materials. This sweet builders toy comes complete with 50 different pieces in eight various shapes, all of which have suction cups on each end. The suction cups allow the pieces to stick together and create twisted and creative forms. These great pieces can be placed anywhere you want, from windows, to lockers, or even walls and doors of your home.

Laser Pegs builders toys

Fun with Lasers

Lasers are no longer futuristic dreams that remain in the imaginations of scientists worldwide. In fact, you can even let your little ones construct a new miniature race car with the Laser Pegs Mini Indy Racer. This awesome toy for kids comes with different pieces and allows your little one to construct one of eight different models that light up with laser pegs. The fun never stops when your children get a chance to play with this laser-powered builders toy.

architect toys

Combine Storytime with Building

Would you rather provide your child with a toy that allows him or her to improve his or her reading skills while still diving into the world of construction? Here, the GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit may be the best option for you. This awesome toy for young builders comes with varying pieces to create a host of different things. In addition to that, however, this fun kids’ toy also comes with a storybook that details the life of Goldie, including information about her family and the inventions she creates. Combine the excitement of children’s literature and architecture today with this sweet building toy for your little ones.

Building from the Ground Up

Has your little one shown a recent passion for the concepts of architecture and construction? Provide them with these wonderful toys for young builders to ensure he or she has everything necessary to become a famous architect in the future.

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