5 Toys for Your Little Cowgirl

So many children are fascinated by stories of the Wild West. To be sure, boys may daydream and imagine what life must have been like as a cowboy, and little girls may picture themselves riding horses off into the sunset like a daring cowgirl on the plains.

Of course, it may not be practical to bring home a horse for your little girl to try riding lessons, or teach her how to use a lasso in the backyard. However, there are a variety of different cowgirl toys you can try this year to help send your little girl back in time. Don’t hesitate to bring home these sweet kids’ toys for cowgirls and get ready to take a trip to the Wild West together!

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A Place to Keep the Horses

Any aspiring cowgirl should certainly have a playroom filled with miniature horses that she can bring out each day for a ride. But with so many horses, she will also need a sizable place to keep them when they’re resting after a long day of work. Fortunately, with the Deluxe Stable Play Set, your little girl can house and feed all of the horses she has in her collection in a comfortable and convenient location. This sweet children’s toy for horse lovers comes with plenty of space for a miniature horse and actually comes with another doll to help take care of the animals. It also comes with a small rake, shovel, water bucket, bags of feed, and grooming accessories to keep the horses happy and clean.

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A Cowgirl for Your Little Cowgirl

What’s the best way to help your little girl act and feel like a cowgirl? Simple – by giving her an awesome cowgirl toy to play with this year. With the Daphne Cowgirl Doll, your little girl can play pretend and let her imagination get lost in the Wild West. This sweet kids’ toy for cowgirls looks just like any cowgirl that would have roamed the plains over 100 years ago. Daphne comes with long brown hair that flows behind her as she rides her horse, as well as a cowboy hat, light blue riding boots, and a two-piece riding outfit. Your little girl will love playing pretend as a cowgirl with her delightful new toy.

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A Horse to Ride Across the Prairie

Of course, a little cowgirl can wear a pair of riding boots and a cowgirl hat for style – but how will she get anywhere without her very own trusted steed? With the Bay Horse, your little angel can finally ride across the prairie on an animal she loves. This adorable children’s toy for horse lovers is a 10-inch replica of a real horse, and is the perfect item for little ones who love animals. Your little girl can brush its smooth black tail and mane, feed it miniature carrots, or even take off its saddle for a routine cleaning to ensure the horse is ready for action.

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A Horse to Show Off to Other Cowgirls

Naturally, your little girl will need her very own horse to ride around the prairie and take care of business as a cowgirl. But she should also have the Palomino Horse to parade around at home and show off to all of her cowgirl friends. This beautiful children’s toy for horse lovers is an extremely life-like replica of a palomino with incredibly soft hair. Your daughter can keep this wonderful kids’ horse toy at home with her most prized possessions, brushing it and grooming it to show off to her friends. And best of all, this horse is meant to be ridden by a doll just like Daphne; your daughter can combine these two great cowgirl toys and have the miniature pair ride around the playroom or the backyard.

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A Bag to Store Toys on the Go

The playroom is the perfect place to play pretend with these kids’ horse toys. But what happens when you go on vacation this summer? Will your little girl have to leave all of these toys behind?

Not necessarily – with the Country Stable Zipbin Playset, your daughter can bring along all of her toys wherever she goes. This cute portable toy acts as a soft-sided horse barn and holds things zipped tightly inside. Unzip it, however, and it converts to a corral and training paddock on which the animals can train and roam. And it even comes with 8 different safari figures who can explore the grounds and race around the track together.

Cowgirl Toys for the Little Girl You Love

Does your little girl have dreams of one day growing up to ride on a horse like a real-life cowgirl? If so, consider bringing home some of these cowgirl toys this summer to make her dream come true.


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