5 Toys to Power Creative Artists’ Imagination

There is no question that children of all ages have extremely wild and vivid imaginations that help provide them with exhilaration and excitement each and every day. To be sure, most little ones rely on their imaginations to have fun during playtime, whether they are engaging in arts and crafts, pretend play, or other forms of entertainment.

And this year, you can put these powerful imaginations to use by providing your little ones with a few great toys for artists specifically designed to inspire creative thought. Don’t hesitate to consider one of these awesome toys for young artists this year available through Imagine Toys®.

5 Toys to Power Creative Artists’ Imagination

Dazzling 3-D Art Toy

This year, with the Spirograph 3-D Set from Imagine Toys®, your little ones can design and create a variety of different types of dazzling 3-D art, all by using a fun and effective toy for artists that your kids are sure to love. This excellent arts and crafts toy for young artists comes with eight different art makers, three fine-point markers, two 3D sticker sheets, seven precision wheels and one precision ring, and much more. Kids can draw colorful and exciting spiral designs, and outfit their finished masterpieces with different 3-dimensional stickers within the set. Finally, your little ones can put on the 3-D glasses that come with this toy, and watch their artwork completely pop off the page and come to life. This toy is perfect for aspiring artists who want to create futuristic artwork with only a few simple supplies.

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Beautiful Graffiti

Not all graffiti has to be vulgar, obscene, and generally against the law. Instead, with the great Tapefitti Art Desk Set, your little ones can put adorable graffiti on any of their own possessions, turning this generally unlawful activity into a beautiful art form.

What do you get with this fun artist toy? Inside of the arts and crafts set you will find 30 different rolls of tape in miniature dispensers, as well as other supplies, including a 25-page journal, six greeting cards, six envelopes, two folders, and more. Using these fun arts and crafts supplies, your little ones can create graffiti designs on the outside of all of their stuff. And best of all, if you make a mistake, it’s not permanent; instead, the tape easily comes right up, allowing your kids to make modifications as they see fit.

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Creative Tracing

Not all beautiful artwork has to be something that comes entirely from the artist’s very own imagination. In fact, your child can craft dazzling and miraculous pieces of art by using the Fashion Tracing Table, an awesome tracing set available from Imagine Toys®. This fun artist toy comes with a light table and a pattern sheet, as well as two sticker sheets, five design sheets, and 10 sketch pages. Little artists can use a combination of all of these materials to create beautiful sketches, and then outfit them with clothing, accessories, and beautiful hairstyles. This is an excellent arts and crafts supply set for the little artist who may one day aspire to become a famous fashion designer!

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Faces of All Shapes and Sizes

In general, most people assume that arts and crafts supplies will come with crayons, colored pencils, or other piece of art equipment that can be used to create art out of nothing. At Imagine Toys®, however, we offer a variety of options that allow children to manufacture dazzling artwork from preexisting designs or materials. One such example is the Facemaker Blocks arts and crafts set. This non-traditional art set comes with a wooden board made of 25 different cubes. Each of the cubes has artwork already drawn on the top; when the cubes are put together, they form the shape of a face. But that’s not all; the cubes can be assembled in a variety of ways to create numerous different face shapes. This toy helps your little one utilize the depths of his or her imagination when playing with colorful wooden blocks.

Paint-a-Doodle toy for artists

Artwork to Hang Around the Home

Are you looking for a fun art set that will allow your little one to create artwork that you can hang around the home? If so, then you should consider one of the three following options: the Owl Paint-a-Doodle, the Lizard Paint-a-Doodle, or the Ladybug Paint-a-Doodle. All three of these fun toys for young artists come with designs that allow your little ones to draw beautiful creatures of nature. Make sure to try out these fun arts and crafts toys for some summer fun.

Toys for Young Artists

Are you looking for a few fun and easy ways to inspire your little one to work on art projects? If so, consider trying out these five great arts and crafts sets from Imagine Toys® and watch your little ones create a masterpiece. 

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