5 Useful Toys for a Future Professional Makeup Artist

It is no secret that little girls love to play with makeup, fashion, and design toys and activities. Young girls see their mothers, older siblings, and other relatives adorning themselves with makeup, jewelry, and other accessories, and often dream of one day having the same opportunity and similar access to these fashion ornaments.

Of course, it may be completely nonsensical to offer your young daughter a pearl necklace or a set of diamond earrings, just because she shows an interest in fashion, makeup, or design. But you can help fuel this passion by instead offering her a host of toys from our online store designed specifically for aspiring professional makeup artists.

Does your little girl want to grow up to become a makeup specialist for the stars? If so, consider bringing home these five sweet toys to get her started on her career.

5 Useful Toys for a Future Professional Makeup Artist

Beauty Star Station Makeup Toy

No kids’ fashion design and accessory collection is complete without the Beauty Star Station, a delightful and comprehensive beauty set for girls ages five and older. This fun beauty set for little girls comes with virtually everything that you daughter could possibly need to turn herself into a dazzling star in no time.

Open up this makeup and design fashion studio for girls and you will find over 30 separate beauty items for your young daughter to use. She can test out her new eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish, jewelry, makeup brushes, and so much more. The station itself even comes with a mirror in which your daughter can look at her beautiful face, lit up by the lights on the case.

And best of all, this fun kit comes in a charming pink color that your daughter will love. Pick up this delightful girls’ makeup set today for the little girl that you love.

Makeup Toys

Mega Nail Salon

Ask any little girl about their favorite fashion accessory and you may hear the same response from many: nails, nail polish, nail glitter, and any other accessories to make the nails more beautiful. Little girls often learn how to paint and design their nails from their mothers or older sisters, and, as such, put care and effort into keeping their nails beautiful and blemish free.

Do you want to help your little girl fashion her nails in a beautiful manner this summer? If so, head to the online store and pick up the Mega Nail Salon girls’ fashion set today. This sweet toy for little girls is one of the best ways to help her make her own nails beautiful.

Inside this toy you will find seven different nail markers, a nail dryer, a nail file, stickers to apply to the nails, and more. Using all of these delightful accessories and design tools your daughter can create the hottest nail trends. This great activity set is perfect for girls ages seven and up.

Hair Stylist Toys

Hunny Buns Hair Kit Stylist Toy

Aside from makeup products and nail sets, girls of all ages also truly love adding style to their hair, as well. To many girls, especially young ones, the hair is an extension of the individual; as such, these girls often wish to add style to their hair through clips, bands, and even the occasional color.

At Imagine Toys®, we encourage young girls to explore the world of style through their hair, which is why we offer the Hunny Buns Hair Kit, a sweet hairstyling activity set for girls ages eight and up. With this girls activity set your daughter can add bun doughnuts, chain links, fringe, hair ties, iridescent beads, and so much more to help her show off her beautiful hair to the entire world.

Pedicure Toys

Pretty Pedicure Salon

What’s a fashion and spa day without the chance to get a pedicure for the feet and toenails? While pedicures may be an occasional surprise for some, you can turn them into an everyday occasion at your house with the Pretty Pedicure Salon from Imagine Toys®. This cute girls’ toy comes with an inflatable foot bath, a handy tote, polish, separators, and even flip flops and files. Treat yourself and your daughter to a day at the spa with this fun toy for girls.

Spa Day Toys

Spa Day

Of course, if you truly want to bring the world of fashion into your home, then it may be time to try out Spa Day, a comprehensive girls’ activity your daughter will love. This fun toy comes with everything you need to plan a spa party for four, including a planning guide, as well as homemade spa products. Host the spa party of the year with this fun new toy for kids.

Have Fun with the World of Fashion

Does your little girl dream of one day becoming a fashion designer or professional makeup stylist? Don’t let this dream go unfulfilled; instead, pick up these five great design toys and get started today.


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