5 Ways Children (and You) Can Enjoy National Bike Month

5 Ways Children (and You) Can Enjoy National Bike Month

Riding a bike is a skill that all children should eventually learn. Not only is riding a bike exciting for children of all ages, it also provides an incredibly healthy and eco-conscious method of transportation. And when performed safely, it is a wonderful activity to enjoy together as a family.

This month, at Imagine Toys®, we are celebrating May as National Bike Month, a time during which we are trying to help showcase the benefits of riding a bicycle wherever you can. And, if you have children, we would also like to offer suggestions on how to enjoy National Bike Month, as well as any supplies and kids’ toys to keep the little ones happy.

Are you not sure how to get your children involved on their bike this month? Consider these five great ideas to help your kids enjoy the month of May while riding around on two wheels.

1. Teach Your Kids How to Ride

Of course, if they haven’t yet learned how to ride a bicycle, then there is no time better than National Bike Month to start the process. Learning how to ride a bike is fun and exhilarating for children, and allows the parents to impart on their little ones a skill they have retained for a majority of their lives.

If your child is too young to learn on a pedal bike, but still wants to ride around on a cycle, consider surprising him or her with a Balance Bike from Imagine Toys®. This sweet starter bike is a great option for kids who are too young to push pedals, but who can’t wait to get their hands on a ride of their own.

Or, if you want a push cycle that will grow and develop as your child learns, consider instead the Y Bike Evolve. This great kids’ cycle is a 3-in-1 bike; it starts as a balance tricycle, morphs into a balance bike, and finally turns into a pedal trike when your child is ready!

2. Make Beautiful Bike Art

In general, bicycles and arts and crafts are not considered similar activities, and rarely go hand-in-hand. However, at Imagine Toys®, we have found a wonderful way to combine these two pastimes with the Chalktrail for Bikes. This arts and crafts toy attaches to the back of all bike sizes; once in place, it will drag sidewalk chalk along the ground as your child rides, creating beautiful street art the further you go. Your child can ride along the street to draw a massive masterpiece, or simply bike in circles for a small spot of art. This wonderful toy is a great way to enjoy National Bike Month with your kids.

3. Get an Awesome Helmet

Far too many kids think of helmets as ugly or uncool. But that can all change when you give your little girl the Super Rainbow Unicorn Hair Helmet. This flashy and fashionable kids’ bike helmet comes in the shape of a mythical unicorn, and even has a 3D molded design. And don’t worry about your child overheating when wearing this helmet; it comes with aerodynamic cooling vents to cool her down, and has a shock-absorbing EPS inner shell as well.

4. Ride Somewhere New

Are your children bored of riding to the same locations each and every day? Do they seem anxious to go a bit farther on their cycles, and see more of the town or city in which you live?

For a great National Bike Month family activity, you can try riding your bikes to an entirely new spot that your children have never seen. If they are used to riding to school, the grocery store, or even to the same park every week, bring them to another location, or along another route. The change in scenery will help them get engaged and keep their interest in riding a bike.

5. Hold a Bike Race

It is safe to say that nearly all children love to race. Whether on their feet, on a pair of skates, or on a two-wheeled bike, racing provides a sense of competition among family or peers, and lets children reach blazing fast speeds as they race to win.

This year, try holding a bike race in your neighborhood, complete with prizes at the end. But be safe about the production; consider alerting your neighbors, making chalk outlines of the race course, and even using yellow tape to block off parts of the street if necessary. Make sure the kids enjoy racing, but maintain a safe environment so that no one gets hurt.

National Bike Month Family Activities

With summer quickly upon us, it is time to celebrate the warm weather and stay active during National Bike Month. And to make sure your kids have fun, try these five simple ideas before the end of May. 

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