5 Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

Children of all ages should be involved in active play every single day. Being active helps support a healthy lifestyle, and is a wonderful way for children to expend some of their pent up energy. Plus, being active can mean learning about different sports, or even exploring the great outdoors, both of which are great educational opportunities.

The problem is, though, that many kids nowadays would rather sit at home with a tablet or in front of the TV than stand up and get moving. And if you are finding that it’s rather difficult to get your child involved in active play, consider these five fun ways to make active play and exercise fun for your little ones.

1. Go for a Hike

The world is a big place – and it has so much to offer for a curious mind. If your children love plants, animals, and other fun things in nature, convince them to head out on a hike one afternoon. You can even add to the fun by going on a scavenger hunt together – pick out a few fun things that you can find in nature, and go searching for them together as a family.

2. Try a Hula Hoop

This fun piece of exercise equipment is the perfect way to get your kids active for a day. And if you don’t have a hula hoop lying around the house, grab the new Hoopersize Fit-Kit from imagine toys® today. This awesome new kids play active toy will help your kids get up off the couch and moving around. Grab the new Hoopersize Fit-Kit for some fun kids play today.

3. Going Skiing or Skating

The winter season often leaves parents wondering what they can do to get the kids out of the house and moving around. If you live next to a ski hill though, consider taking some time this year to teach the little ones how to ski or snowboard. Or, if it’s easier, find a local ice skating rink and go cruising together. You’ll have a blast as a family, and you will get plenty of exercise as you zoom around on a pair of skates.

4. Play Tag

Remember how fun it was to play tag with your friends when you were a kid? If your little ones need some exercise, head outside and recreate your childhood with this fun game. Pick one player to be “it” and sprint around in the backyard trying to catch one another.

5. Learn a New Sport

One of the best ways to get your children out of the house and running around is by learning a new sport together. You can teach your little one the basics of football, basketball, or baseball, or even make up a new sport of your own. This is a great place to start to get the kids active.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember that active kids are healthy kids. So this year, get up off the couch, turn off the TVs, and have some active outdoor kids play fun.


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