5 Ways to Soothe the Infant Blues

Infants can become incredibly fussy if they aren’t stimulated throughout the day. They may begin to feel restless, and they will often cry and scream until they are satisfied. And of course, as parents, it can be extremely frustrating when each and every action we take fails to remedy the situation.

At Imagine Toys®, we understand this plight of parents everywhere, which is why we offer plenty of toys to help keep infants happy and healthy. So if your infant has got the blues this year, consider these five fun ways to find a cure.

1. Get Lost in the Jungle

No, you shouldn’t actually lose your child in a wild jungle. Instead, simply bring home the new Branching Out Play Gym from Imagine Toys®. This fun new kids toy comes with a play mat with jungle designs on it that will keep your little infant busy during playtime. And if your infant flips over onto their back, they will see the cute and plush jungle creatures hanging from above, offering a friendly smile. This nature-inspired infant toy will bring some fun and excitement into your infant’s life.

2. Try an Activity Center

Sometimes kids just need to use their hands and feet to help cure the infant blues. And if you are looking for a great toy for your active infant, look no further than the Colorful Arches Activity Center. This great new infant soother has a variety of different colored shapes for your baby to grab, kick, or simply gaze at from the ground. This infant toy is meant to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills as your little one plays and has fun.

3. Look Up to the Sky – There’s Beauty Above!

If you want to help your infant settle down and aid in their eye tracking abilities, it may be time for you to pick up the Fireflies in the Sky Baby Mobile from Imagine Toys®. This adorable infant soother is an exciting new take on a baby mobile, as each arm of the mobile is in the shape of a tree branch, with cute fireflies hanging down from above. Plus, the fireflies glow in the dark, for some added fun when it’s time for lights out.

4. Look Around the Entire Meadow

Are you working on tummy time with your infant? If so, then you should bring home the new Over the Meadow Play Mat as soon as possible. This delightful tummy time infant toy will captivate your baby from all angles, with a cute house in the corner, and wonderful stuffed animals to play with on both sides.

5. Try Other Infant Toys

If none of these ideas seems to soothe your little one when they are fussy, then you can always try out one of the many other infant toys from Imagine Toys®. We have so many different things that little ones love, and you are sure to find something for your little angel. Pick up a new infant toy today and bring a smile to your baby’s face.


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